Tuesday, January 22, 2013



I hope every woman in this country, whether they agree with Roe or they disagree with Roe, whether they themselves would make one decision or another, will come together and say: Pro-choice means that the Government respects the individual, and isn't that really what our country is all about?
Barbara Boxer (b.1940) u.s. senator from california

today is the 40th anniversary of roe v wade - a most important date for the rights of u.s. women.

as long as women have been getting pregnant, women have also sought to end pregnancies. this is a fact.

The international community has recognized that unsafe abortion is a major threat to women's health. By liberalizing restrictive abortion laws and investing in abortion safety, governments can save the lives of tens of thousands of women every year. History has shown that women worldwide, when faced with unwanted pregnancy, seek abortions regardless of the legality of the procedure. Many have no choice but to undergo abortions performed by unqualified practitioners in unhygienic settings. About one-third of the women who have abortions performed under these circumstances experience complications that pose major risks to their lives and health. 

if you are against abortion, don't have one.

pictures: from the mouse's archives, taken at the 1989 march for women's equality and women's lives, washington dc


Philfff said...

Fully agree, well said

The Blue Elephant said...

Women! Women! Run for more offices. Being the more sane gender, you are ready! Push the Patriarchy aside, and welcome in the Age of the Child (the touchstone for anything, as you know, is How will it affect the children?) When we have not had rights in the political world, the patriarchy has been crazy enough to think that their ownership extends even to the one property that is undeniably, demonstrably, our own, our very flesh, our bodies, No one should have legal jurisdiction over that most private of properties. No trespassing on my flesh!.

Steve Reed said...

Amen, sister! Safe, legal and rare!

Alan Burnett said...

Everything is summed up so perfectly in that last sentence.

California Girl said...