Wednesday, January 2, 2013

good advices

What year is it in your imagination?
 Lynda Barry (born 2 january 1956)  cartoonist and author
today's quote from her book what it is (2008)

there are a few cleveland street artists who enjoy using walls to give advice or raise questions . today's wall wednesday  features a few of these writings on the wall.

at the beginning of a new year many of us reflect on our lives and many times our reflections lead to making new year resolutions.  i have often claimed that i don't make new year resolutions and prefer to think of myself as someone who is constantly making resolutions on how to be a better person.  but when i reflect on my habits, i realize i do make resolutions at the start of a new year. 

for instance, at the beginning of 2012, for the fourth year in a row, i made a resolution to write down the title of every book i read (or listened to).  i'm happy to report that finally for the first time i actually succeeded! prior to this past year,  my list always stopped short of december  - although i can proudly report that each year i went a little further than the previous year - and in 2011 i actually made it all the way to october!  i expect there are a couple missing titles,  books i finished when i was off on a wander and forgot to write down when i got home; but on the whole i believe my list is fairly complete.  i'm feeling proud of this little accomplishment and hope i can maintain this practice in 2013.

earlier today a friend posted a list of resolutions on her facebook page that she found from someone who goes by the lofty title of "civility coach".   i love the list and find that it offers some "good advices"  -  i post it here as one of my daily acts of random kindness (#18):
  1. Forgive anyone I have been at odds with. 
  2. Give more than I take. 
  3. Write a weekly thank-you note. 
  4. Respond with a soft answer. 
  5. Encourage others. 
  6. Conduct business with honesty and integrity. 
  7. Keep my word. 
  8. Examine my demands on others. 
  9. Be thankful. 
  10. Laugh. 
  11. Defend the defenseless. 
  12. Honor my body. It is the only one I have. 
  13. Treasure the simplicity of everyday moments. 
  14. Be inclusive. 
  15. Listen more fully.
  16.  Be content. 
  17. Sing and dance daily. 
  18. Practice daily random acts of kindness. 
  19. Pray without ceasing. 
  20. Spend more time improving my character than I do improving my appearance.
  21.  Celebrate and communicate my love for others.

r.e.m. performing good advices at an outdoor concert in raleigh in 1985. this is the best vid i could find  - the sound quality leaves a little to be desired, but its not too terrible. it's a wonderful song. to hear a really good version of the song you may have to drop some bucks and pick up a copy of r.e.m.'s 1985 album fables of the reconstruction (their third studio album). isn't it amazing how young michael looks in this vid, but then again it was recorded 27 years ago!  wow, the years do go by! 

"what year is it in your imagination?"


tut-tut said...

a very righteous list indeed.

Watson said...

I like this list! And smiled when I read #10.

In my imagination, or lack of one, it's 2013!

Alan Burnett said...

Of all the list, I must confess I am attracted to No. 14 most of all, I suspect it is the one we all need to be at the front of our minds in the coming year. happy New Year to you and yours my Cleveland friend.