Sunday, January 6, 2013

fifteen feet of pure white snow

Snow changes our bones into fog streamers caught by the wind and spelled into many dances. 

Carl Sandburg (6 january 1878 - 1967) writer, poet 

visitors to my blogs know how fond i am for using alliterations to inspire and guide posts.

on mouse medicine we already  have tattoo tuesday and wall wednesday, if you head over to the lakewood daily snap you will find tag tuesday and wordless wednesday.  tag tuesday started out featuring graffiti tags, but given the efficiency of the graffiti eradication squadrons in lakewood, tag tuesday soon expanded to include snaps of clever or intriguing vanity plates (auto tags) and later grew to include photos of dogs (dog tags). the concept of wordless wednesday for blogs has been around the blogosphere for a while as a group meme - however, i was unaware of that when i started doing wordless wednesday - i just thought it sounded good as a way not have to obsess about what i was going to blather on about for that day's post. 

for months i have been contemplating creating another themed day and though  sculpture sundays,  would be perfect as it would offer a forum to showcasing some of the snaps of three dimensional art in my stash of snaps and give a shout out to those artists that create those works.  can't find a better time to start a new theme than on the first sunday of a new year!  so here you go - ta da it's SCULPTURE SUNDAY!

both of today's photos were taken  this past thursday day while i was visiting cleveland's university circle.  i spent the morning checking out the cleveland natural history museum with ms t and bingo  (seen to the right, aren't they getting big!) and a few other friends.

after the natural history museum we wandered over to the botanical garden with the hopes of checking out a special holiday exhibit that included trains, only to find the center closed as they were taking down the very exhibit we had planned to see! oh well,  there were plenty of other stuff to do and see. had we not wandered over to the botanical garden i wouldn't have taken the photograph above.

today's top photo shows one of the five spouting seeds sculptures gracing the entrance of the cleveland botanical garden.   the sculptures are by troy corliss. the work shows a series of stainless steel sprouts emerging out diamond-shaped terrazzo seeds; each of the seeds is about 4 feet tall, and the sprouting shapes vary in height and length. in the photo above, part of the north side of the cleveland museum of art can be see through this sprout's arch. 

nick cave and the bad seeds performing fifteen feet of pure white snow.  i love this video - it is camp and i'd love to be in that dancing party!  the song can be found on their 2001 album no more shall we part.


tut-tut said...

Nice to have a new theme! Keep warm, Mouse. And Miss T is so tall, esp. next to Bingo.

Watson said...

I thought at first you had 15 ft of snow there in Lakewood! Glad it's only a song ... and a new theme! Looking forward to Sculpture Sunday.

Steve Reed said...

Sculpture Sundays sounds like a great idea! I wish I could watch Nick Cave but the video content is blocked in the UK -- argh. I'll find it somewhere else, hopefully.