Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i didn't see it coming

Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with. 

Thomas Carlyle (4 december 1795-1881) scottish essayist & philosopher

tattoo tuesday is back!  been a while, eh?

today we travel back over the pond to the isle of skye to check out a little body ink -  a memorial tat on the arm of a very lovely lass named siobhan. 

siobhan was our server at the the charming and delicious harbour view seafood restaurant in portree.  she shared a bit of the story which inspired the tat which is in memory of her boyfriend who died a few years back.  it has been a couple months since we were there, so i can't remember all of details of the sad tale, but i recall his name was ollie and that there was a car involved in his death.

i can't remember what the top row with chinese characters reads - perhaps it is a translation of his name or something else.  below the characters is inked the german words  ich liebe dich (i love you)

i didn't see it coming from the 2010 album belle and sebastian write about love

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Steve Reed said...

Terrific portrait, as usual! I'm not sure I'd want such a sad reminder tattooed on my body.