Saturday, December 22, 2012

christmas time's a comin'

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year. 

Thomas Tusser (1524-1580) english poet

i've had the song, christmas time's a comin, stuck in my head since thursday night when we went to the barking spider to catch hillbilly idol, one of our favorite local groups, for the spider's annual holiday extravaganza.  below some snaps of hillbilly idol performing at the cozy spider.

the musicians for thursday's show were andrew (last name unknown - as of yet the band doesn't have a regular member on the bass, but they are extremely lucky to always get extremely talented folks to sit in), roy king on drums, the versatile multi-instrumentalists jen maurer and paul kovac, rachel wearsch on keyboards and below, al moss on pedal steel guitar.  everyone sings depending on the song

thought i'd be nice and pass the song along - however, if it becomes an earworm, you may consider me a bit naughty.

christmas time's a comin' has become a holiday classic in bluegrass and country music circles, it was written by tex logan and made popular by bill monroe.  although the youtube version of bill and bluegrass boys performing the song is fun there's too much chatter, so i offer this lovely version by larry sparks from the 1988 album christmas time back home.


top photo: billboard off i-39/90, wisconsin july 2012


Daniel DeAngelo said...

Hi. I am also a big fan and friend of HBI. (I was linked to your page by Al from his Facebook account.) I hated to miss this year's annual Christmas show on Thursday night! (Was home sick with the flu.) Always one of the best moments of the holiday season--such a feeling of community and good cheer! Here's a really nice version of "Christmas Times a Comin'" by the fabled Emmylou Harris that you might also enjoy:
Sorry i missed HBI's version!
Happy Holidays!

tony said...

Have A Great Christmas Kimy.Love From Across The Pond X

Anonymous said...

All the best for the holiday and for being you and for sharing a window into your world. I hope our paths cross more again in 2013.