Friday, November 30, 2012

the long and winding road

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. (1897)

Mark Twain (30 november 1835 - 21 april 1910)

okay,  i don't think there were any reports of my death or the death of the mouse - but it does seem like a fitting quote as i attempt to wake up the mouse who has been hibernating for the last couple months. 

on the last day of august, after a long dry spell, i wrote "okay, so much for getting back into the blogging groove - well, at least it hasn't been weeks or months since i last posted here on the mouse."

well, i certainly can't say that here on this last day of november! now it has been weeks and months since i last posted here on the mouse!

no promises but i'm missing the mouse and i have collected quite a stash of images from my incessant snapping that i'd love to share.  so i think i'm going to rise up this little mouse once more! in the days ahead it will most likely be a photo and a daily quote and if there is time some some blathering, but really who comes to the mouse for my blathering.  i think most visitors come for a little eye candy of our wonderful world - particularly of tats and walls!

today's image comes from a wander that i took in late september and early october to the u.k. with f, my partner, and two of our bestest friends.  we spent ten days in scotland and london.  it was an absolutely wonderful trip,  none of us had been to scotland before, we found it a most magical land.  

since time was short we never were in one place too long, but we did spend a couple days hiking around the isle of skye and a couple days soaking in scottish history in edinburgh - both places i would go back to in a heartbeat!  

our days in london were equally wonderful  - london has long been one of my favorite cities.  as it is a fantastic place, so vibrant and diverse. in addition to walking the streets, eating great food and visiting museums, we were blessed with spending time with some family and friends - including two folks, steve and lettuce, who i met through blogging.  steve is still very active blogging and has even published a book of his photos.  what an inspiration. lettuce (aka sally) alas has given up blogging, but still stays in touch with many in the bloggyhood via the other means of social networking - thank goodness for facebook and words with friends!   i think for many of us plugging into facebook has put a kibosh on our maintaining regular blogs.  but some folks are skilled at doing both - as for me, i just don't seem to have the time or ability.

oh well, what is, is.

well, that is all i have time for today.  i have projects to tackle with deadlines breathing down my neck to banish!

adieu,  catch you when i can!  until then,

photos: top, cemetery with many of the clan macleod  rest,  isle of skye near dunvegan, scotland; middle, detail of shakespeare's globe theater gate, london;  bottom, detail from macleod gravestone. october 2012.