Friday, September 7, 2012

read it in books

Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.
 Voltaire (1694-1778) writer, philosopher, playwright

wednesday night my bookgroup, the cleveland bookwomen,  gathered for our annual book selection meeting - the evening was a feast in terms of both food prepared for the potluck that precedes the selection part of the meeting and in the bounty of books from which to choose our upcoming year of reading.

the group is fourteen women strong - a number that we have found to be ideal.  this year we tried to limit the number of suggested titles, each person only brought between one and three titles; oy, those  years when most of us would bring between four and six books! those meetings would go on forever!  limiting the number of books worked out great as i was able to get home in time to hear the terrific speeches by elizabeth warren and bill clinton at the democratic national convention.

i have a  tradition to share our reading list with other booklovers.  although it  appears i broke tradition last year, what was with that?   if you are curious about our cumulative lists from 1989 through 2010, click on the link and you will be on your way.    

the cleveland bookwomen year of reading 2012-2013
(for a description of the book click on link embedded with the title)

october doc (2011) by mary doria russell

november american made: the enduring legacy of the wpa (2009) by nick taylor

december pope joan (1997) by donna woolfolk cross

january  swann in love (1922)  by marcel proust

february  bruno chief of police (2009)  by martin walker

march  destiny of the republic: a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president (2011) by candice millard

april  let the great world spin (2009)  by colum mccann

may  the hangman's daughter (2010) by oliver pötzsch

june the sense of an ending (2011) by julian barnes

july  a lady cyclist's guide to kashgar (2012) by suzanne joinson

august the shadow of the wind (2004) by carlos ruiz zafón

echo & the bunnymen read it in books from their 1980 debut album crocodiles

photos:  top - mural created by gene epstein on the side of the building which houses loganberry books, cleveland.  second - cleveland bookwomen, september 2012 meeting


Steve Reed said...

Wow, you choose some tough books. Proust, even! I'm impressed!

I suppose it's a good way to work through books that you might not otherwise read. I tried a book club once, though, and it was not for me. I didn't like being on a schedule.

Watson said...

What fun kimy! It looks like a great group reading interesting books.

Alan Burnett said...

I have saved the list Kim and I will pick one of them out and read it. I always find it a wonderful way to discover books I would never read otherwise.