Wednesday, August 15, 2012

keep on cooking

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. 
Julia Child (15 August 1912 - 13 August 2004) chef, author,  bon vivant

Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
Julia Child

oh my, it has been well over a month since i posted on mouse medicine!  poor neglected mouse! it appears that ever since summer started i've been on an unplanned hiatus from the blogosphere - not only have i been absent in terms of posting here on the mouse, but i have also been horrible in terms of visiting my bloggyhood friends and neighbors.

i'm sorry!

i miss sharing my random snaps of the world around me, and i miss the regular mind mining  i engage in to come up with the typical quote and song for the day.

i could offer 1000 excuses of why i've been a negligent blogger.  but then who cares  - suffice to say life got in the way.

the last month as been full or the passions of summer.

i even satisfied my passion for travel a bit.  in mid july i took an spontaneous a road trip through parts of the midwest.  as soon as i heard about a billy bragg concert which was part of billy's woody guthrie centennial celebration in madison wisconsin i thought "why not?".   on the way to madison i stopped in chicago and visited a friend i haven't seen in seven years [although in my mind i thought it was only 5]. after the madison stop i made another pit stop in chicago to cross an item off my bucket list (visit emma goldman's grave and the haymarket martyrs memorial).  then i swung through the northern part of indiana where i had the wonderful privilege of meeting a few friends from the bloggysphere (hi tom and michael)  and the  world of fb (hi cheryl, and terry) - all friends i've never met, but have known.....such a era we live in!

after indiana i jogged north to meet up with alice - a friend i met the old fashioned way - face-to-face on our very first day of college orientation thirty-nine years ago!   we met at alice's mother's home near the shore of lake michigan to attend what looks like might be becoming an annual summer pilgrimage - the krasl art fair.

after michigan, i've been back in cleveland and my summer continues to be filled with other summer  passions  - such as festivals, food, music, and friends  - often all at the same time....and work.

now the challenge is after such a long bloggy break can i get back into the rhythm?

well, i'll give it a go - after all my photo stash grows daily and i like having an outlet where i can share some of my favorite images of what i encounter as i wander through our world.

today's photos were taken a few years ago when i visited the julia child's kitchen which was once on display at the smithsonian museum in washington, d.c.  now it can be viewed through the virtual reality of cyberspace. 

in case anyone missed the date by julia's name after the first quote - today is the centennial of julia's birth!  2012 - a year with a summer with the 100th birthday's of two of my lifelong heros and cultural icons - woody guthrie on july 14th and julia child on august 15!

 this just in: in celebration of julia's 100th birthday a wonderful remixed mashup of julia on cooking for the pbs digital studios (by melodysheep)



Anonymous said...

Glad you had time away from the computer screen and enjoying a road trip. I love the Upper Midwest in the summer, or at least when it's not blazing hot in the era of climate change. I have fond memories of time with relatives in obscure parts of Michigan, a state that has always fascinated me with its contradictions and oddities.

Gary said...

This mix is NUTS! Wow, it really makes me realize that the ability to actually sing doesn't matter anymore. Technology has taken care of that. It's catchy and a riot!

I am glad you are enjoying your summer and getting out and about. We'll be here.

Steve Reed said...

Glad to see you back! I wondered where you'd gone, but figured you were traveling. :)

We had a special dinner to celebrate Julia's birthday. Then we found out we celebrated it a week early. Oh well -- better early than not at all!

Steve Reed said...

OMG - I just watched the Julia remix. Crazy! I can't wait to show it to Dave!

Watson said...

So very nice to "see" you again mouse. We've missed you, but glad you had such a great travel time. You'll have material for the mouse fans through the winter.

karen said...

What an awesome summer of travel you've had. Not sure this was the best summer for it with the heat. Things have cooled for now. I love Julia's kitchen...a look that shows someone actually cooks in it. I missed you...glad to hear you were off having fun.