Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what's new pussycat?

I guess all songs is folk songs. I never heard no horse sing 'em.

 Big Bill Broonzy (26 june 1903 - 1958) blues singer, songwriter, guitarist 

the first two tat photos  were taken at the art fur animals benefit and auction i attended this weekend.   it was the first time i attended this annual fundraiser, it was so much fun, i'm going try and make it an annual rite.  based on the attendance and seeing what the silent and live auctions brought in, i expect it was a tremendous success.  my impression is spot on; according to this article, this year's benefit brought in a record amount!  (coincidentally, the lead picture in the article is none other that of mandi and her dog!)

there was a lot of ink at the event, but i was there to support the cause, not take tat snaps, but i couldn't resist the capturing the tat of the cats on mandi's arm - and isn't her dog too cute - the dog reminded me of a little star wars ewok.  mandi adopted her a few years ago from the cleveland kennel.

carla's pitbull tattoo, along with being aesthetically lovely also commemorates the controversay surrounding the public hearings the city of lakewood had in 2008 concerning pit bulls;  unfortunately despite strong support for the breed, the city council passed an ordinance which essentially  became a "pit bull ban."    however, i understand that the city is now rethinking the ordinance in light of a newly passed and signed state-level bill which states that pits are not "dangerous animals."

anyone who knows pits knows that their basic nature is to be affectionate, caring,  and very human-centered. any breed of dog can be conditioned and trained into becoming an aggressive  animal. unfortunately pit bulls because of their innate strength, intelligence, and loyalty are often targeted by unscrupulous people to turn into fighting dogs.  this is incredibly ironic considering that in the history of the breed, pit bulls were once known as "the nanny dog."
For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults. The Nanny Dog is now vilified by a media that always wants a demon dog breed to frighten people and LHASA-APSO BITES MAN just doesn’t sell papers. Before pit bulls it was Rottweilers, before Rottweilers it was Dobermans, and before them German Shepherds. Each breed in it’s order were deemed too vicious and unpredictable to be around people. Each time people wanted laws to ban them. It is breathtakingly ironic that the spotlight has turned on the breed once the symbol of our country and our national babysitter.

..In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before it bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull..

the excerpt above is from  yonah ward grossman article which sets the record straight about this very misunderstood breed.  check it out  especially if you would like to see some marvelous old photos of pitbulls living up to their reputation as "the nanny dog."

one more tat photo which fits in perfectly with today's dog and cat theme.

while on the train a couple weeks ago, i noticed the intriguing tattoo above, i spent most of the ride trying to figure out what it represented.  lucky for me, the fellow got off the train at the my station and of course i ran up to him to satisfy my basic cat-like curiosity.- as soon as he turned i was able to see that the tattoo was based on the logo for the cleveland police k-9 unit which happened to be on the t-shirt he was wearing.

the fellow's name is doug and he was most gracious, first he said i could take his portrait and then provided the back story on his tat.   long story short, doug was a cleveland police officer.  his dream was to be a k-9 officer;  in time he realized that dream - the tattoo commemorates that part of his career and is a reminder that sometimes dreams come true.  by the way,  the image for the logo is based on  the dental x-rays of german shepards, one of the most popular breeds to be used as canine officers.

okay here's about what may be the craziest cover ever, bob marley and the wailers reworking of burt bacharach's song, made popular by british pop star tom jones, what's new pussycat?


Daisy said...

You meet such interesting people Kimy! Thanks for sharing them with us.

karen said...

Definitely looks like an ewok in this picture...so cute. My favorites...the golden retriever and english setter of course. I've never had any experience with the pitbull...i think some think its cool to train them for things other than being nice to people. They're probably a really sweet dog...just ruined by those that shouldn't own a dog in the first place. Love the furry creatures...couldn't imagine my life without one.

Steve Reed said...

Terrific tattoos! Every time I see your photos I think, "I need to be braver about talking to people!" You get such great shots, up-close and personal.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

daisy you are welcome!

karen - i admit years ago i feared pits as i believed all the hype, then i started meeting pits and found them to be among the most sweet tempered dogs to be had. we even have three pits in the family - dixie my daughter emma's dog and elvis and hawkeye, the dogs of my (adopted)son.

steve - that is funny hearing that you have never struck me having an drop of cowardice - i do admit that sometimes i have to call on my inner goddess/buddha to give me what it takes to go up to strangers to ask if i can take their photo.

Tom said...

i hardly believe that is a real dog...but since i have a real stuffed animal (toby) too, i guess it's possible