Tuesday, June 12, 2012

can't find my way home

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.

Maya Angelou (b. 1928)  writer, poet, activist

i enjoy running across body art which celebrates someone's hometown or their love of a place.

today's tattoos fit within that category of tats. in the top photo katie, a bartender at the magnificent crop bistro, sports an image of the logo for her hometown, the city of cleveland heights.   ironically she had the tattoo done hundreds of miles from home while on vacation; she explained what she wanted to the tattoo artist, pulled out an envelop she was carrying to show him what the design looked like and voil√†!

the next two snaps are of brian, a proud clevelander living in cleveland's west park neighborhood- brian's right leg features some intricate iconic images of downtown cleveland - including terminal tower along with a portion of the detroit-superior bridge.  i didn't really probe brian about some of the other images on his leg - hey, sometimes it is better not risking alienating someone by asking "hey what's with the hand grenade and brass knuckles?"  despite the tough guy imagery, brian seemed to me to be a sweetheart.  by the way,  brian's work was done locally by chico one of the tattoo artists at classic tattoo.

this weekend was full of the sort of things that make me the proud (albeit transplanted) clevelander that i am. i couldn't attend all the super events happening this weekend (i especially regret missing  the relatively new event  weapons of mass creation - i heard it totally rocked!), however, i did make it to a few other things.

i started the weekend festivities at the annual parade the circle extravaganza sponsored by the cleveland museum of art.  for over twenty years parade the circle has been bringing color, art, music and whimsy to the community.  it is an incredible sensory experience; in the ten  plus years i've been a regular it just keeps getting bigger and better!   below, i offer a mini slide show (29 photos) from the day for your enjoyment!  (if you want to slog through a more expansive slide show  - with almost five times the number of photos, click here)

saturday after parade the circle we wandered over to the gordon square arts district to check out their day long community party.  .*¨*•♫♪ east side, west side all around the town, cleveland's happening with lots of fun going down.....♪♫•*¨*.•*¨*•♫♪

sunday's highlight was attending chef jam 2012 held at the rock and roll hall of fame and museum.  this is the fourth year for the event  in addition to bringing together some of cleveland's super chefs, the event helps raise money for the rock hall's education programs and ohio city farm. considering how much i love food, music and good causes, i can't believe this was the first year i attended; but then this is the first year i've been blessed with a foodie fairy godfather!

not surprisingly chef jam was a great place for tattoo sightings, but alas i was preoccupied by the food and the music, i passed on asking anyone one if i could take photos of their tats (save for one person and unfortunately the pics of her tats didn't pass muster).  I did surreptitiously snap a couple interesting tats  while taking photos of cream of the crop -  a group assembled by chef and drummer steve schimolor of crop bistro.  steve gathered together a bunch of talented local musicians who dish up fabulous fare and also know how to kick out the jams!  cream of the crop opened for ivan neville and his band dumpstaphunk  who took the party to the next stratosphere.

can't find my way home (1969) by the supergroup blind faith - the group consisted of the incredibly talented quartet of ginger baker, eric clapton, ric grech, and steve winwood.  -- blind faith existed for only a year,  a year in which the band toured widely and produced a single mega album, blind faith, which immediately became the #1 album in the US, the UK, and in Canada - and within the first month of release the album sold more than half a million copies!


tut-tut said...

lots going on at the Mouse today! Steve Winwood was part of Blind Faith?! Didn't know that!

Because my computer processor is no longer current (I'm guessing this is the issue) I can no longer "link through" to videos. Damn

karen said...

I'm with tut-tut, certainly is a lot going on in Cleveland, all fun!
My youngest now lives in SF and is looking forward to going to the Cow Palace for the Body Art show in August. Hope he sends some pics. i find the tattoo pics so interesting...but still a chicken to get one.

Alan Burnett said...

As I am just about to set off on holiday, I am not sure about the ache of home living in all of us. Especially when it is cold and wet at home. Here comes the sun.

Watson said...

Looks like great fun mouse! If only Cleveland wasn't so far from my home!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!
Blind Faith became my approach to life and Ginger drove my drumming to this day.
"somebody holds the key....."

Tom said...

love that song. we were served breakfast this morning by a very nice girl with a dagger tat on her forearm. she kept the coffee coming.

Steve Reed said...

I saw this entry before -- not sure why I didn't comment -- but that guy's leg tattoo is really interesting. I DO wonder about the weapons. Hmmm...

The Cleveland Heights tattoo is cool -- very leafy and green and pleasant! My hometown doesn't even have a logo, at least not that I'm aware of.

I love this Blind Faith song.