Wednesday, May 9, 2012

white bird

As soon as you can say what you think, and not what some other person has thought for you, you are on your way to being ... remarkable 
J.M. Barrie (9 may 1860 - 1937) author 

 today is the birthday of scottish author sir james matthew barrie best known for his stage play peter pan or the boy who wouldn't grow up (1904).

when i was a wee lass i was captivated by the story of peter pan;  in 1960 there was a telecast of peter pan which starred mary martin as peter, after seeing the show i  became obsessed with the notion of flying. i don't remember if it was peter or tinker bell that i wanted to be,  but i do remember driving my parents to distraction by  "flying" when i was inside the house (flying = propelling myself from place to place by jumping from one piece of furniture to another ).  it is a good thing i was born in the 1950s and not today;  surely if i was born in this day and age somebody would have pathologized my 'creativity' and given me some type of  medicalized label! 

before peter pan, barrie wrote the novel  the little white bird (1902) which introduced the mythology and character of peter pan.

in 1969 the group it's a beautiful day released their song white bird on their debut album - maybe it was some weird cosmic holdover from my obsession with peter pan and flying, but this song has captivated me since i first heard it 1969!

photo: wall art in the wynwood neighborhood of miami florida, 29 april 2012


Tom said...

very nice

Lora said...

I jumped off the refrigerator within ten minutes of coming home from seeing Peter pan for the first time!

I think it's a rite of passage!

Watson said...

I like the quote at the beginning mouse. Isn't that so true!

Gary said...

I was not interested in Peter Pan until I was in my 20s. I did not know about the Little White Bird but I am going to see if it is available for Kindle (free perhaps) and add it to my summer reading list.

Happy Mother's Day! xo

Gary said...

Ooh, Kimy! It is! Along with a bunch of other interesting titles. Thanks!