Friday, May 18, 2012

for what it's worth

It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.

 Bertrand Russell (18 may 1872 - 1970) philosopher &  polymath

today i offer a favorite song in honor of a favorite thinker.

buffalo springfield's for what it's worth -written stephen stills, was released as a single in 1967 and was included on buffalo springfield's debut album, supposedly  the original title comes from a comment that stills made to a record producer  "I have this song here, for what it's worth, if you want it."   sometimes the song is also referred to as stop, hey what's that sound.

buffalo springfield was only together for two years (1966-1968).   however, the group served as a launching pad for the skyrocketing careers of neil young,  stephen stills,  jim messina, and richie furay.  young and stills went on to perhaps even greater fame in crosby, stills, nash and young; and,  messina and furay went on to create poco.

today all four are still active making music as soloists and with various groups.  the original group also included two other musicians, who also continued to make music, - bruce  palmer (d. 2004) and dewey martin (d. 2009).  young, stills, messina and furay did reunite in 2011 for a six concert reunion tour.  wow, that would have been a real flash to the past.

photo: long island sound,  madison connecticut.  may 2012


Mel said...

Love this song, and I especially love Stephen Stills, and every iteration of CSN and/or Young. Just this morning a CSN song popped into my head, thanks to Ms. Moon's dancing post, I had the words while they danced in my head and had to go find it, it's from Delta, a lovely song I just listened to on youtube. I have the album somewhere, maybe it's time to upgrade to digital so I can listen to them more often.
Thanks for more Stephen in my morning.

karen said...

Love the quote, and will hold on to it for a while...a new type of possession i suppose...but one that will carry me through the next phase of my life and it's uncertainty...thank you Kim.
I've been one that didn't place too much importance on home...usually had to move from to another often....but this last home I'm getting ready to leave will be the hardest since it wasn't my intention to have to leave...but it is what it is...and this quote will help me remember the importance of a lighter load....after all i'm more valuable than a house and all the things in it. Much appreciate your post today.

Steve Reed said...

Love the quote! I would say it's not just possessions but attachments that drag us down -- but possessions are perhaps the least important of all our attachments!

Nan said...

Oh my, they were so young. Guess I must have been too.:<)