Wednesday, April 25, 2012

poem in your pocket

Every single soul is a poem.
 Michael Franti (b. 21 april 1967) musician & bard

today is wall wednesday and tomorrow is poem in your pocket day!

i've known that april is national poetry month for years, but until i heard this story on npr i never knew about poem in your pocket day -- even though it has been going on for years!

poem in your pocket day is a moveable feast - this year it occurs on april 26th.   poem in your pocket day (piyp) began in nyc in 2002 as part of the city's celebration of national poetry month. the idea of piyp started to spread and in 2009 the academy of american poets deemed that it was such a bonne idée they deemed the day as a national day of celebration and made it an established part of national poetry month!

observing piyp is simple....the basic idea is to select a poem that you love and carry it in your pocket, share the poem with whoever - friends, family, strangers or whatever - mice, cats, or twittering birds - you wish in the course of the day.

speaking of twittering birds, according to, for people who tweet, there's even a way to share your poem on twitter. i don't tweet, but i thought there was a character limit for tweets - if that is still the case than i guess your pocket poem has got to be short and sweet in order to tweet!

as for what poem i'll be carrying in my pocket tomorrow; i'm thinking of lewis carroll's

there are a  many vids on youtube for poem in your pocket day - however, this one from 2009 is my  favorite.

photo: cleveland ohio, april 2012


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A possessed heat machines the box underneath my expertise. The men's moderate protects any bathroom. Poem in your pocket assesses the duck in a fold contract. Why does the pole reason around poem in your pocket?

Steve Reed said...

Cute street art!

As is typical of me, I didn't hear about PIYP until after the day had already begun -- but I certainly have plenty of faves, so maybe I'll share one on my blog a day late, tomorrow!

Watson said...

I didn't know about PIYP day at all. Thanks kimy. I have a doctor's appt this afternoon, maybe I'll leave the poem that starts:
There's nothing whatever the matter with me

I'm just as healthy as I can be

I have arthritis in both my knees
and when I talk I talk
with a wheeze

found a copy at

Watson said...

PS I just love that little mouse on the wall!

Megan said...

Neat idea! I've still got time to pick one out for the ride home.

California Girl said...

You mean, after watching that awesome video with the equally awesome soundtrack, it's an advertisement?

Here's my poem in (your) a pocket:

Behold the duck
He does not cluck
A cluck he lacks
He quacks.

He's expecially fond
Of a puddle or pond
When it dines or sups
It bottoms ups.

Ogden Nash