Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.

Thornton Wilder (17 april 1897 - 1975)

generally on tattoo tuesday i feature one or two photos of a particular individual - but today i was hard pressed to keep it down to 3.

i met myles the other day - initially i was quite taken by the organic looking peace sign tattoo on his right forearm. bold mouse that i am went up and told him how i admired his tattoo and asked if it was possible that if we were done shopping at the same time if i could take a photo of the peace sign ...for a millisecond he was a bit taken aback by the request, but then realized i was sincere and the startle morphed into being flattered and he graciously consented to having my request.

once outside the peace tat began to pale as myles enthusiastically showed me his other body art - he proudly presented the image of his most recent addition - a 'mother earth' image that adorns his upper right inside arm.

and as we can see in the top two photos, the left arm is a celebration of the sea - among the images are: poseidon holding a trident, a mermaid, a ship, and numerous hawaiian tribal tattoos - including nine sea turtles.

seeing the hawaiian inspired art and myles' exotic good looks made me wonder whether he might be hawaiian - so i asked. he said no he wasn't hawaiian and is actually a local clevelander and his descent is half sicilian and half african-american. however, he mentioned that he does have family in hawaii and it was there, while on an extended stay with his cousin when he was 18, that he was first bitten by the tattoo bug.

hi'ilawe performed by peter moon and cyril pahinui - cyril is the son of the late great gabby pahinui (1921-1980) gabby, a talented self-taught musician was one of the key figures of the hawaiian renaissance of the 1970s and popularized the slack-key method of playing guitar.

until the movie the descendants came out, i haven't really thought about the hawaiian sound/music for quite a long time - now i can't get enough of it!


Steve Reed said...

You find the most interesting (and photogenic!) people!

Watson said...

As Steve said! It is a pleasure to meet these folks through your blog.