Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hungry woman blues

Ink to paper is thoughtful
Ink to flesh, hard-core.
If Shakespeare were a tattooist
We'd appreciate body art more.

Terri Guillemets (b. 1973) quotation anthologist

a few days ago while posting about my recent trip to nyc, i indicated that along with visiting museums and friends i also ate some good food - make that some great food.

today's featured body art happen to adorn some of the people who were instrumental in providing me with truly wonderful food.

the top photo is of the counterman at a salt and battery; truly no trip to new york is complete unless i go to a salt and battery for some of their incredible fish and chips. even though i asked for the fellow's name and he graciously provided it (along with permission to take a couple pictures of his artful arm and share them on the mouse) - i forgot his name! that will teach me - write names down! even when i think i will remember. it was too busy to learn the stories behind these devotional pieces of body art - but i assume the top one is most likely a tattoo of remembrance for above the figure are the words in the arms of an angel.

the second photo is of chase, a server at untitled, danny meyers relatively new restaurant at the whitney museum. my friend ken and i went for lunch at untitled after we visited the met, not too far away. our lunch was delicious - i had the croque madam.

as anyone who is a regular visitor to the mouse knows, i am very fond of quotations. when i encounter one as a piece of body art, my interested is really piqued! on chase's arm is a quotation by jean-paul sartre - translated into english it says freedom is what you do with what has been done to you.

i asked chase about the quote and he chuckled and said he got it when he was 18 - and indicated that at that age he was in a all things sartre phase which has now passed - well he has a nice souvenir from that stage!

this last group of three photos adorn ashton's arms. ashton is the pastry chef at restaurant marc forgione where my friends p&k treated me to the most amazing dinner the last night i was in new york.

the dinner was topped off with the beautiful and delicious desserts created by ashton.

i can't remember how the topic of tattoos came up with our server but somehow she mentioned that i really should see the body art on the restaurant's pastry chef - i asked if she was working and if she thought she might be willing to have me capture them. yes and yes.

unfortunately the photos aren't the best - the light was low, i thought it would be too disturbing to the other diners to use flash - so we get what we get. the restaurant is wonderfully atmospheric and cozy - aglow with the light of scores of candles scattered throughout the dining area on tables and by hanging candle lanterns.

we didn't have too much time to chat about her body art. the restaurant was very busy - but i hope you can get a good sense of the various works. there is one piece which is a delightful ode to ashton's profession - a woman holding and sensing a cupcake. on the same arm, below it, are a series of coordinates. curious mouse that i am asked and i learned that they are the coordinates to ashton's grandparents home - the center of her loving family and is always within arm's reach.

one last photo and one last tat - although this picture i didn't take but comes courtesy of tom - a bartender at reade street pub.
the story of how i came to see the photo i think is as good as the tat! imagine here i am quietly sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of wine - i have a half hour to kill before heading across the street to meet p&k for dinner. out of the blue the bartender tom comes up to me and says 'you have to see this cool tattoo one of my co-workers just got.' - he whips out his phone and shows it to me. i agree and state it is pretty cool. then i laugh tell him how funny it is that he shared the image of the tattoo with me. i tell him of my interest in tattoos and how i share some of the interesting ones i come across on my blog. of course i ask if his friend is working. he isn't, but he said he'd send me the photo - well, viola! truly an example of a tat by an enthusiastic employee about his workplace!

gaye adegbalola live in jamacia performing hungry woman blues


Watson said...

great pictures and stories mouse ... and I can almost taste the food!

Julien said...

Nice quote from Sartre, but I'm feeling kind of bad for the poor French translation !

Chantel said...

I love ink. The passion, even though it's often fraught with youth, to alter ones body permanently...that has to be the physical definition of commitment, doesn't it?

Great pics--and you made me drool a little.

Anonymous said...

LOL -> having a hard time imagining Shakespeare as a tattooist!!

two senryu dedicated to the novelist

Steve Reed said...

Love the pics, as always! I can't imagine getting a tattoo with my employer's name on it. Maybe he's an owner? In any case, brave!