Thursday, March 29, 2012


At least one way of measuring the freedom of any society is the amount of comedy that is permitted, and clearly a healthy society permits more satirical comment than a repressive, so that if comedy is to function in some way as a safety release then it must obviously deal with these taboo areas. This is part of the responsibility we accord our licensed jesters, that nothing be excused the searching light of comedy. If anything can survive the probe of humour it is clearly of value, and conversely all groups who claim immunity from laughter are claiming special privileges which should not be granted.

Eric Idle (b. 29 march 1943) comedian, actor, singer, composer, author

today is day 7 of my film-cation - i haven't tallied up the number of countries i've visited or broken the films down by genre and type, however, my overall, number already has me reeling. to date - i've seen 28 films and there are still 4 days left of the festival. definitely this year will break all previous records in terms of number of films watched. so far i can honestly say, i've enjoyed every film - even those that had me a total emotional wreck after it was over (more on those in the final accounting!)

well, no time for more prattle, even though today will be a light day (relatively speaking - compared to yesterday when i started at 9:20 in the morning and saw a total of 6 films - i got home around 11:30!) i do have to get a move on it!

as today is eric idle's birthday, i thought we could celebrate with one of my favorite idle songs - the galaxy song from the 1983 film monty python's the meaning of life

photo: terminal tower in bright sun. cleveland, 26 march 2012


Watson said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the film experience! I'll be looking for more about it in the future. Love this song - Happy birthday to Eric!

Betsy Brock said...

had to browse back through your filmacation...what a cool idea!

Alan Burnett said...

I do like (and agree) with the quote - mind you, I always like and agree with all, the quotes you post. Glad you are enjoying your Film-Fest

Steve Reed said...

Wow, that is a LOT of films! I think my backside would protest if I spent that much time in a theater seat.

LOVE the Galaxy Song!!