Monday, March 26, 2012

be carried away

....the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through.

Robert Frost (26 march 1874-1963) poet
from a servant to servants

last thursday night the 36th cleveland international film festival began, and starting the next day i began my annual stay-cation.

however, calling this a stay-cation is a misnomer, i might not be going anywhere, but i am hardly staying around. in fact i am traveling the world!

so i've coined a new term - a film-cation - which is a vacation where you sit in the dark and travel to far off lands.

going to the film festival is a bit like taking a trip - each day i decide my itinerary and choose what countries to visit, what type of emotional terrain would i like to traverse, and what food and drink should i pack in to provide sustenance for the day's journey.

well, speaking of which gotta run - got lots of places to visit today!

be carried away is the theme for this year's festival. hope you enjoy the infectious and happy theme song and the video provides a sweet animated view of our beautiful city!

photos: top - tower city in the mist - where the films are shown, 25 march; insert - a fellow film fanatic dennis displaying his ciff button collection


Chantel said...

Love this idea of a film-cation; I can lose myself for hours in a darkened theatre...

Watson said...

Looks like such fun! Great way to spend a "filmcation".

Alan Burnett said...

I quite like the idea of a "filmcation". It has the feel and the sound of a great enterprise whilst having the comfort of resting your limbs and letting your imagination do all the work. My kind of holiday.