Monday, February 6, 2012

wake up and live

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!
Bob Marley (6 february 1945 - 1981) singer-songwriter, musician

today is the birthday of the great jamaican musician bob marley. even though marley only lived to see his 36th birthday, his musical legacy is amazing.

last night at family dinner we started talking about marley's songs and i surveyed those gathered and asked what each person's favorite marley song is: here is the list for my 'family of creation': one love (f); sun is shining (e); redemption song (t); is this love? (r);and, three little birds (mouse).

after dinner we moved from the dining room to the living room where the television sits. however, since i'm not a football fan (in fact, i would be considered the opposite of a football fan, but we don't have to go there) i decided to conduct a totally unscientific survey of friends and family via text messaging. with the exception of paying attention to madonna's half-time show, i was completely distracted by my project so missed the commercials (which i do enjoy) - no worries, the best (and worst) i'm sure will be run, ad nauseum on the internet and elsewhere and of course missed all or the game. in fact, until this morning i didn't even know who won!

unfortunately my initial message went out as:
no questions from as to why, but just an answer to me from you please; what is your favorite bob market song? thanks!!
damn autocorrect. many folks in the initial group (i discovered text messaging is limited to 20 recipients) figured it out but i did immediately receive replies stating:
who is that? or bob market?
i quickly sent out a correction, clarifying that i meant bob marley.

of course most of my friends/family as with myself were hard pressed to limit it to only one song and provided a top song and an additional one or two titles.

as to the top songs here are the results of my completely unscientific and most random survey (my respondents were limited to those i could text), the number following the song indicates the number of people who stated this was their favorite ( a few of the songs include links to vids of the song).
  1. redemption song - 8
  2. is this love - 3
  3. three little birds - 3
  4. one love - 3
  5. i shot the sheriff - 2
  6. no woman, no cry - 2
  7. exodus - 2
  8. waiting in vain - 1
  9. sun is shining - 1
  10. could you be loved - 1
  11. natural mystic - 1
  12. small axe - 1
  13. jamming - 1
  14. buffalo soldier -1
not unsurprisingly, i didn't hear back from a few folks that i texted; only one person replied none (ah, that explains much, ha ha!) one of my friends replied amusingly:
i didnt know his songs had names
and one of my buds who is on the younger side replied back that she didn't know his songs well enough to say - well i know what i'll be giving zoe as a present one of these days - a bob marley compilation cd!

so sweet readers, if you were to name your favorite marley song what song would that be?

i'll give everyone an advantage that my initial survey did not include - here is a link to an alphabetical listing of (almost) all of marley's songs. the resource is just part of a site devoted to marley which claims to be the biggest fan page on the internet - be careful, it is a rabbit hole with numerous areas to explore and get lost in!

wake up and live - although the song wasn't among the songs mentioned in my informal survey, i chose it as today's theme song not only is it the source of today's daily quote, like most of marley's songs it beautifully reflects marley's world view - which is mighty powerful mouse medicine!

photo: eugene, oregon, april 2010


37paddington said...

wonderful post!

my favorites?
redemption song (i am so typical!)
no woman. no cry

oh my, i could go on and on! such memories he evokes. i love that you love him too!


Betsy Brock said...

I'm like you....watched the halftime and a little of the end. ha. Even though 2 tv's were showing the game. :)

I think your text replies were the most entertaining of the whole thing! lol....

Watson said...

I love the statement at the beginning ... and the song. I haven't been familiar with Marley - always good to stretch!