Thursday, February 2, 2012

the sensual world

Does nobody understand?
James Joyce's last words
(2 february 1882 - 1941)

today is the birthday of irish novelist and poet james augustine aloysius joyce who was born in rathgar, ireland - a suburb of dublin, the city he loved and immortalized in such works as ulysses and the dubliners. joyce pioneered and perfected the stream of consciousness technique of writing - i think stream of consciousness technique is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it - as for me, i love both - stream of consciousness and marmite!

there were so many wonderful quotes and passages of joyce's i could have selected today - but when i ran across his last words, well, what could i say - well, they just spoke to me.

the photo above was taken at nighttown a wonderful local restaurant, bar, and music venue. i dropped in the other day just to reserve some tickets for john mccutcheon (i can't wait!!!), but one doesn't just drop in and leave nighttown. as soon as i enter this cozy and atmospheric establishment i feel seduced by the spirit of james joyce.

the place is a virtual shrine to joyce and is resplendent with interesting joycean and non-joycean art and artifacts that delight the senses.

as fate would have it was after 5 pm and the friend i was with had a half hour before she had to get to her dinner engagement - just enough time for us to sit at the bar and enjoy a quick one. generally nighttown has me yearning for a pint of guinness, but my friend is a wine drinker, in sisterly solidarity i joined her with a glass of wine. however, in preparing for this post i learned that there is a james joyce cocktail - who'd have thunk it! i'm not one for drinking something other than a pint or a glass of wine - but, a cocktail in honor of joyce, hmmmm? i wonder if the bartenders at nighttown have it in their repertoire?

kate bush's the sensual world (1989) the lyrics are inspired from molly bloom's soliloquy at the end of joyce's ulysses - yes, yes, who could be better than kate bush to capture the sensual dreaminess and physicality of molly bloom. originally bush wanted to use joyce's own words, but alas the joyce estate refused permission.

photos: top- 29 january 2012; bottom - 2 december 2011


Watson said...

what a fabulous photo kimy! If you ever come to the island I will have to take you to a micro brewery/restaurant here, with the lovely "pulls" and shiney brass! :-)

Steve Reed said...

I've been a Kate Bush fan for about 25 years, and I had no idea that song was based on James Joyce. You learn something new every day!

Anonymous said...

You'll be pleased to know that Kate Bush finally DID receive permission from the Joyce estate last year, and re-recorded her hit, now named "Flower Of The Mountain" (2011).