Wednesday, February 29, 2012

no love is sorrow

...each human being has within himself or herself at least one poem or short story, or perhaps even a full length book.

Dee Brown (29 february 1908-2002) writer

happy leap day! i can't help thinking how cool it would be if one's birthday was february 29th - the other day i read that if a baby is born on leap day the doctor asks the parents what date - february 28th or march 1st - do they want to have on the birth certificate. on one hand i can understand the sense of that especially in this age of computers; on the other hand, doesn't this practice seem completely bogus?! for me, there is something magical about having a leap day birthday, and if i was a leapling (aka leaper) i would want my birth document to proclaim it.

maybe leaplings get two birth certificates - one truthful one and one with the fictitious date of february 28 or march 1?

i also read that the chances of being born on leap day are 1 in 1500 and that their are estimated to be 187,000 people in the u.s and 4 million worldwide with a february 29th birthday.

i don't remember hearing if anyone i know is a leapling. then again it isn't like i ask everyone i meet what their birthday is, but such an interesting factoid would surely emerge. i toggled over to look at my facebook home page, of the friends i have no one in my fb circle has a february 29th birthday. i do have one friend whose birthday was yesterday - i know him well enough to know that his birthday really is february 28th and not the doctor driven date.

okay enough silliness for today. i'm off to celebrate leap day by catching a film at the cleveland museum of art!

today's wall wednesday snap was taken in april 2010 in eugene oregon.

no love is sorrow performed by pentangle (bert jansch, john renbourn, and jacqui mcshee)


Betsy Brock said... that word. ha.

I know three people who have birthdays today! I think it's extra cool, too!

Michael Rawluk said...

I was born 5 minutes after February 29. I think my mother wouldn't let me out to play until after the date changed.

California Girl said...

art work by? Gauguin? Otto Dix? who???

Watson said...

This photo and caption immediately made me ask...what story do I have, and what story might she have? What an interesting picture.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

michael - happy belated birthday! curious mouse that i am wants to know what date is on your birth certificate? and how do you fill out forms?

california girl - i'm sure the artist is a local eugene muralist/street artist - with the bold lines and color the work is a bit reminiscent of gauguin - and he did like paining topless women! ha ha