Friday, January 13, 2012

in hiding

Whether animals admit it or not, they and I communicate.

Carolyn Heilbrun (13 january 1926 - 2003) academic and author

i love today's quote by carolyn heilbrun and totally identify with it!

mystery buffs may know carolyn by her pen name amanda cross - i used to really enjoy her kate fansler series - as the protagonist is an english professor the books are chock full of literary references. like all good series the books have a cast of recurring characters, but what i really love about the books is heilbrun/cross's ease at incorporating feminist ideas into the storyline. i just checked out the list of fansler books and i seemed to have stopped reading the series when we moved to cleveland - i haven't read the three novels that were published post 1997! well i will have to remedy this shortcoming.

speaking of mysteries it is time to head up to the studio and get to work on the jj project, when i quilt i enjoy listening to audiobooks - and mysteries are among my favorite genre to listen to - i am particularly drawn to series. i recently discovered thomas perry's jane whitefield series. in just a few weeks time i have listened to four of the six whitefield books published and am halfway through the fifth book. the library doesn't seem to have an audiobook of the second book in the series, i doubt i'll get around to reading a hard copy of the book as there are too many other books on my 'to read' list and i don't read-read as many mysteries as i used to.

when it comes to reading a book i more often choose other types of books. i generally have a couple real books going at any one time - one fiction, one non-fiction - right now i have four books underway: 1) priest by irish author gerard o'donovan (i'm almost done with it, i'm happy to say! it's been a long time finishing, halfway through the book f noticed it and he either didn't think i was reading it quickly enough or he was captivated by the blurb on the cover, he picked it up and read it in jig time - i've probably maxed out my renewals for the libary!) 2) the memory palace by mira bartok - a powerful and heartrending memoir about growing up with a mother with schizophrenia 3) from here to there: the staughton lynd reader a collection of essays and talks by lawyer, activist, and historian staughton lynd. next month f and i are going to an event in which staughton and alice lynd' will receive ohio citizen action's howard metzenbaum award for their lifetime commitment to working to promote positive social change. 4) ann patchett's latest novel state of wonder.

for christmas i received a kindle fire - right now i haven't gotten into reading books on it (so far i'm using it more to check email, play games - words with friends/scrabble and read periodicals and check things on the web) i do have access to lots of books; f has had a kindle for a couple years and has amassed a nice library. we often enjoy the same type of books - although our taste in non-fiction isn't very similar - he doesn't often read memoirs and i don't often read books about sports or wars.

okay, i went on much longer than i intended to! off to piece and find out how jane is going to get out of the current quagmire.....

today's song in hiding (1997) by pearl jam was inspired by the writings of the reclusive writer charles bukowski.

photo: casa mouse squirrel, 13 january 2011


Rubye Jack said...

Sounds like some good books. I'm beginning to think a Kindle might be a nice thing to have. All in good time.
I love the quote by Carolyn Heilbrun also, and like you, do very much identify with it.

Steve Reed said...

I love the photo!

Your reading list is interesting, though I don't know how you manage so many books at once. I have a rule that I read books just one at a time. Otherwise I'd never finish any of them!

Nan said...

I sure do love EV's voice. Oh my.
I have a kindle but only use it at bedtime as it is easier to hold.