Wednesday, January 25, 2012

burns night

Contented wi' little and cantie wi' mair,
Whene'er I forgather wi' Sorrow and Care,
I gie them a skelp, as they're creepin alang,
Wi' a cog o' guid swats and an auld Scottish sang.

standard english translation:
Contented with little and jolly with more,
Whenever I forgather with Sorrow and Care,
I gave them a slap, as they are creeping along,
With a dish of good new ale and an old Scottish song.
Robert Burns (25 january 1759-1796)
above 1st verse of Contented Wi' Little and Cantie Wi' Mair

tonight is burns night - a night of celebrating the life, poetry and songs of scottish bard robert burns, also known as robbie or rabbie burns. according to this reference, the first burns night was organized by burns' friends few years after he died - and the tradition has been fairly continuous ever since.

to celebrate burns night the mouse presents three vids of songs/poems which were presented during a 2007 bbc broadcast of an audience with burns hosted by gordon kennedy - thank goodness for youtube.

as an aside, speaking of youtube, last night on npr there was a story which reported that for every second of every day, an hour of video is uploaded onto youtube - according to a youtube spokesperson a century of video is posted every ten days! crazy!

okay back to rabbie - enjoy!!

eddi reader singing burns song the banks o doon

roddy woomble singing the lea rig

i was delighted to see the program included my favorite burns poem, to a mouse performed by actor dawn steele.

want more? here's burns ode to scotch performed by actor gary lewis and reader and friends singing burns best known song auld lang syne

photo: as it is wall wednesday and i didn't have anything in my photo files specific to robert burns or scotland (that i can think of) i thought this snap which shows a detail from reed thomason's mural gives a wee nod toward burns poem to a mouse, lakewood public library


Steve Reed said...

Good grief! Of course, most of that video on YouTube probably isn't worth watching! (My own videos, for example, are of interest only to me and people who know me.) I didn't know it was Burns night!

Roy said...

My annual Burns Night wee dram of Laphraoig was sipped with great satisfaction last night whilst watching those videos. Slainte!