Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sharing the fun!

A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.

Mignon McLaughlin (1913 - 1983)journalist & writer

sorry about the poor quality of today's wall wednesday photo, given that i snapped it looking out the window of a moving car on the rta the photo probably isn't all that bad. when i saw there was a rodent on the wall i had to capture it - and quickly -- even if that meant taking the photo from a moving train. in cleveland one can never tell how long - or short - wall art will be up. some pieces last for a long time while other pieces are covered up quickly by the graffiti eradication squads. now i just made that up about graffiti eradication squads - but based on what i see, there may very well be official groups wandering about covering up street art with gray or white paint.

as is the case in many cities, some of the best street art in the area is seen from the train. one day i would like to do a photo safari along cleveland's rail corridors, i have a feeling that the authorities would frown on this, but i'm game none-the-less. the authorities certainly frown on the street artists who use the concrete walls and buildings that abut the tracks as their canvas.

this last month of the year is flying by - yikes, can you believe we are almost halfway through december? no complaints here as december has been chocked full -- and time does fly when one is having fun - lots of activity in terms of both work and play. only thing that suffers with a full dance card is keeping up with the blogosphere - but, setting a new low for number of posts on the mouse is truly a minor trouble.

i think f and i are setting a personal record high this month for getting out for live entertainment in terms of both music and theater. just this weekend we attended an absolutely fabulous theatrical event at cleveland public theater - entitled conni's avant-garde restaurant. the reviewer for the pd was spot on when she referred to it as a "deliciously demented" holiday feast. this is not your daddy's dinner theater - i'll throw out a few more d adjectives conni's is also delightfully deliriously deranged! the theater troupe performing the extravaganza is a touring group - this year was the second year the group stopped in cleveland. i'm crossing my fingers that conni's will be a annual holiday tradition and we'll be having a holiday meal at conni's for many years ahead! as for me i'll be making my reservations at conni's each year!

we went from the superbly ridiculous to the spiritually sublime -- we wrapped up the weekend's live events by attending sacrum mysterium - sacred mystery: a celtic christmas a collaborative performance of appolo's fire and the ensemble la nef of montréal.

the fun continues (as does the celtic theme) tonight as we're heading to the cleveland museum of art to see and listen to the amazing natalie macmaster.

today is the centennial of the birth of musician and bandleader spike jones (14 december 1911 - 1965) . jones was widely popular in the '40s and '50s - and best known for his satirical songs. spike and his band, spike jones and the city slickers toured north america under the title the musical depreciation revue.

along with the 1942 hit der fuehrer's face, one of jones most well known songs is the christmas classic all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. below is a vid of jones singing the song - alas no info as to when this was filmed.

photo: cleveland, december 2011


Betsy Brock said...

haha...all things considered, it's a great photo! I'm HAD to snap a pic of that mouse! ha. :)

Rubye Jack said...

It's a great photo! Don't know about Cleveland but they did have graffiti eradication squads in San Francisco. Even though I like a lot of graffiti, I saw it as paying jobs for those who would probably never have them otherwise.

What a great December you're having--the joys of a large city.

Steve Reed said...

Glad you're getting out and about!

Graffiti on train lines is always hard to photograph. I used to sneak onto the NJ Transit tracks to do some photography, but I was always afraid I'd get arrested for trespassing! (Oddly, I was never afraid of being hit by a train.)

Alan Burnett said...

The idea of a photo safari along the rail corridor is a great idea. Make it a priority project for the new year - it would be fascinating.