Friday, December 16, 2011

night in the city

A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.
Margaret Mead (16 december 1901 - 1978) anthropologist

today is the birthday of one of my heroes - cultural anthropologist margaret mead. it is strange, but i'll never forget the day she died. when i was in graduate school (for the first time) in november of 1978 i was attending the american anthropological association meeting in los angeles. maraget mead was on the program - i'll never forget, i was looking through the program with my advisor andy, i turned to him and excitedly said i couldn't believe my luck, margaret mead was listed as giving a talk, hey maybe i'll get a chance to meet her in person - wouldn't that be incredible! he looked at me and said, "didn't you hear? they just announced that margaret mead died yesterday in a hospital in new york." my first reaction was that andy was playing a horrible prank - she couldn't be in a hospital in new york she was on the program! then i looked at him - his eyes didn't lie - there a day before i was going to meet her and a month before her 77th birthday she died. just goes to show we never know.

but what i do know is december 16th will always be a happy day - along with the date being the birthday of wise woman magaret mead, it is also the anniversary of when my honey and i publicly proclaimed our love and commitment to each other and to the world!

about today's photos i snapped these pics last night - the top photo shows the new fun lights around cleveland's west side market - i don't know if they were put up for the holidays or if they are just part of the on-going improvement plan for the market square neighborhood. regardless, i like the lights!!

speaking of lights the city of cleveland periodically plays with colored lights on terminal tower - last night the tower was red! most often this time of year it is both red and green. i wonder if someone forgot to flip the switch for the green lights!

inevitably when i'm wandering around looking at city lights, joni's classic song night in the city pops into my head.... always a nice earworm! the song first appeared on joni's debut 1968 album song to a seagull.


Uli Day said...

love it!

Steve Reed said...

Happy anniversary! I also remember when Margaret Meade died. I barely knew who she was, but I got interested in her in the ensuing years and eventually read a biography about her -- I forget which one.

Love the "livestock lights!" And that's a great Joni album -- her songwriting hadn't fully matured yet but it's full of great images and melodies.

Watson said...

Totally love those lights! Especially the chicken.

And ... Happy Anniversary.

Rubye Jack said...

Actually, red lights sound cooler than red AND green lights, but that's just me.
Margaret Reed was a great woman that's for sure!