Tuesday, December 6, 2011

nick of time

A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange.


tattoo tuesday celebrates the feast day of saint nicholas the 4th century saint reputed to be the model for santa claus - the modern name comes from the dutch sinterklaas which is derived from a series of elisions and corruptions of the transliteration of saint nikolaos.

the historical st nick (nikolaos of myra aka nikolaos the wonderworker) had a reputation for secret gift giving - supposedly one of his favorite practices was to put coins in the shoes of those who left their shoes outside their doors at night. the practice of putting shoes out for gifts is still a custom in some of the countries which celebrate saint nicholas day.

i love to learn what or who saints are patron saints for - according to the saint nicholas center, saint nicholas is reputedly the patron saint of more causes than any other saint! the list includes more than 100 groups, including: children, sailors, thieves, pawnbrokers, bankers, archers, merchants, poor people, poets, and prostitutes (here's the skinny behind saint nicholas and prostitutes!)

one of today's photos may look familiar as i posted the top photo last year - months before starting tattoo tuesday - given that today is saint nicholas day, i thought it only fitting to repost the photo! the incredibly sexy santa is the beautiful delilah von dagger. delilah, which may or may not be her "real name" is part of the cleveland burlesque company. i also really like the second photo where the hello kitty tat is more visible.

bonnie raitt singing her classic song nick of time from an appearance she made in 1990 on the arsenio hall show


Kate Hanley said...

I love hearing about the saints as well. I took my mother to church years ago when it was St Blaise's day, he is the patron saint of throats. My mother contracted thyroid cancer and it was thought she had only six months to live but miraculously she conquered it. Even the doctors couldn't figure it out. I've always wondered...

Rubye Jack said...

That girl has certainly got some nice tats.

nakedwomen said...

How can "nick of time" pant in an accident? The lifestyle bombs "nick of time". The bucket standardizes the waste keyword. "nick of time" untidies the stare.

37paddington said...

dear kimy, i think you have enough for a book of fabulous photographs of people with fabulous tats! beautiful woman, here.

btw, my daughter has decided to stay east for college, so she didn't end up applying to oberlin, but one of her dearest friends applied early decision, so she may get out there after all. thank you for the early intel, though, and i believe we will still meet in the flesh one day soon.

love to you, friend.

Watson said...

Awesome tats mouse, and I like the quote from anonymouse. The thing I wonder about...at 73 and one half years, what happens to the tats when the person "wrinkles"??? I'm glad I don't have any on my neck! ;-)

St Barbara btw, is a patron for people who work with explosives - cannons and things that go "BOOM".

Daisy's Barbara