Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cherokee nation

May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home,
And the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows,
And may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.

Cherokee Blessing

nahm and wall wednesday return.

lament for a cherokee nation was written in the late 1950s by john d. loudermilk, and it is loudermilk's voice and version in the vid below.

although written by loudermilk the song was first released in 1959 by marvin rainwater under the title pale-faced indian, rainwater's version went virtually unnoticed. however, in 1968 don fardon covered the song under the title (the lament of the cherokee) indian reservation, and it became a hit. the popularity of fardon's cover is fairly ironic, given that marvin rainwater is actually part cherokee (25%), whereas, fardon is british born and breed. the version of the song that i remember best is the 1971 cover by paul revere and the raiders - the raiders version made it to the top of the pop charts peaking in july for a week as the number 1 song - according to the portal: "Indian Reservation" became Columbia's biggest-selling single for almost a decade, clearing over six million units.

photo: mural part of the 516 arts alley art mural project, albuquerque, new mexico. october 2011


Betsy Brock said...

My great great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee! Very interesting post!

Steve Reed said...

I remember that song by the Raiders. What a blast from the past! Haven't heard it in years.

Kate Hanley said...

I have to say I love your blog because it's always reminding me of the vast world out there. Sometimes I get caught up in my corner and forget about everyone else. Great blessing, very beautiful.

Watson said...

wonderful blessing and post mouse. And as Kate said, you enlarge my world.

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