Wednesday, October 26, 2011

yah ta hey!

With Beauty before me, may I walk.
With Beauty behind me, may I walk.
With Beauty above me, may I walk.
Wish beauty below me, may I walk.
With Beauty all around me, may I walk.
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.
Navaho prayer

mouse medicine returns and wall wednesday resumes...

reentry is underway -- who knows how long it will take before i get back into any kind of groove! it is astounding how things pile up when one is away. oh well, each thing in its own time.

f and i had a wonderful vacation to the american southwest. we started in albuquerque, after getting our vacation legs we hit the road in our rented jeep on a most spectacular wander. we spent time in new mexico, arizona, utah, and colorado - essentially making a big circle - as we ended up the night before we flew home back in albuqerque. i can't believe how much we packed in in just nine day: we hiked national and tribal parks and monuments, explored museums, visited friends, ate some incredible food, and met and spoke with all sorts of interesting folks.

and yes, i was a snapping fool - given that i use a digital camera, it's difficult to say exactly how many photos i took since i delete the obvious rejects at the end of each day. even with that practice i downloaded nearly 850 photos yesterday. now i need to take some time to organize them - my goal is to put together a flickr set for each place we visited. when i get the albums together, i'll give a shout out, just in case anyone is interested in a bit of armchair travel to chaco canyon, zion national park, monument valley, hovenweep national monument , and the interesting miscellany in-between. hopefully, my photos will stimulate a little wanderlust and maybe others will wish to make a pilgrimage to some of these these incredible places.

both of today's walls are from the same building which was close to the hotel we stayed at in albuquerque. this building is located on the corner of 8th street and central avenue. by the way, if you do get to albuquerque and need a place to stay, i heartily recommend the hotel blue - it is located in downtown albuquerque; it is reasonably priced, is clean with comfy beds, offers a nice complementary breakfast with decent coffee (decent hotel/motel coffee is very hard to come across in my experience!) and has a friendly and helpful staff.

yah ta hey is a navajo greeting - similar to aloha it can mean hello or goodbye. on our way to window rock, arizona, which incidently is the government seat for the the navajo nation, we drove through a small community named yah-ta-hey - the photo below is of a smoke shop along rt. 264 which shares its name with the community.

r. carlos nakai and his song kokopeli wind from his 1989 album canyon trilogy. nakai is a native american flautist of navajo-ute heritage. nakai does tour, click on the link above to his website if interested in experiencing his music live - for instance, this coming weekend he will be performing in philadelphia!


Roy said...

Nice! I took part in a Diné Beautyway ceremony back in the '70s. It's definitely a unique experience.

And speaking of R. Carlos Nakai, try to find his duet performance with pianist Peter Kater, their 1996 recording Improvisations in Concert. Great music!

California Girl said...

My husband will snap hundreds of photos. He took over 600 at a recent wedding. I don't know how you guys wade through them all. He's always perfecting them too. Jeesh.

Steve Reed said...

I look forward to seeing your photos! I visited Albuquerque and northern New Mexico years ago, but I didn't get nearly as far as you did. (I did parts of Utah on a separate, earlier trip.) I love that part of the country.

Alan Burnett said...

Great to have you back - I have been gazing up into the digital skies watching and waiting for your re-entry. And when I look at the quality of your photographs, I know why I always welcome a new Mouse Medicine post.

Lora said...

I am going to see where and when he is playing in Philadelphia, maybe I'll check him out!

Lora said...

darn it! He's out of town in Oaks. That's the problem with Philadelphia. Anything within an hour's drive is considered Philadelphia!

Watson said...

Especially love that opening prayer mouse!