Tuesday, September 13, 2011

k is for karloff

The monster was the best friend I ever had.
Boris Karloff (1887-1969) actor

the other day i met this kool kat who has been krazy about monsters since he was a kid! he most kongenially let me take a few snaps.

meeting doug reinforced the knowledge that one should never judge a book by its kover. it may be easy for some to jump to the konclusion konsidering the tats that this guy is a komplete hard-ass. au kontraire mon kheri, he's a komplete kitty-kat. a gentle, kristian 61-year soul who lives with and takes kare of his kharming 97-year old mom - this is one kool kompassionate kompadre!

below my first try at using a new kollage tool (perhaps one kan klick on kollage to enlarge)

okay - koming up with a k word that fit today's tattoo tuesday was a khallenge but when i stumbled on this karloff quote i konquered it!

photos: kleveland, september 2011

the kranberries performing zombie - live in london. i'm krazy about the kranberries especially this powerful anti-konflict song from their 1994 album no need to argue

in kase you haven't figured it out i was really kidding with you today - khanging every word beginning with c to k!!!


Betsy Brock said...

aww...nice. He looks a little like Ticklebear! ha.

Watson said...

very creative use of "K"'s! I especially liked the photo of Doug and his mother. Reminded me of one of my neighbours who is in her 90's, weighs about 95 lbs soaking wet, and is tenderly cared for by her biker son who is a "mountain"! Sometimes I see her in the garden, wearing her biker (leather) jacket.