Thursday, September 1, 2011

a is for apple

Why not upset the apple cart? If you don't, the apples will rot anyway.
Frank Howard Clark (1888 - 1962) screenwriter

it is that time of year again - students and teachers are arriving back at school and the mouse is back at amusing herself and her acquaintances by playing around with the alphabet .

i can always count on the alphabet to act as a blogging muse.

a is for apple - almost all alphabet books seem to start with apple - although i haven't used apple to start any of the mouse's previous five alphabet adventures!

it is amazing how many apples are around these days at local farmers markets - i can't resist trying out some new (to me) varieties. above is a pie i made sunday, it is actually a concoction of 3 varieties of apples along with a couple peaches which were sitting around threatening to go bad. it was sooooo good - time to get back into the pie making habit now that summer is abandoning us. we adore pie!

according to the washington apple commission website there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples in the world. the orange pippin website has an awesome archive of apple varieties. the archive is amazingly comprehensive and provides access to information on characteristics, reviews, tasting notes, and where to purchase trees and apples on all the apple varieties registered with the site - from the firm aceymac apple to the eclectic and exotic zuccalmagilo reinette apple!

everyone has heard of applehead dolls - but did you know there are also applehead animals, such as chihuahua dogs and siamese cats. below is a snap of lulu, an adorable applehead chihuahua here on avenue c -by the way 4 of lulu's humans are named - alli, annie, audra, and abby - i kid you not!

glen campbell and daughter debbie performing little green apples - next to wichita lineman, i always associate little green apples with campbell. i feel awfully sad thinking of glen these days; in june he announced he was diagnosed with alzheimer’s - although he was aware of the affliction since 2009, campbell delayed making the announcement (completely understandable!). this week glen released a new album, ghost on the canvas. in a recent abc interview, campbell stated that he hopes that the album and associated tour will help increase awareness of alzheimer's.

light and love to glen and all those whose lives are touched by alzheimer's.

photos: august, 2011

aw it is thursday and i just remembered it is the day to play share the joy - apples and applehead chihuahua dogs bring me joy - what brings you joy? although it's an advanced hour it is never too late to play or visit associates harvesting joy this week - click here!


Anonymous said...

The news about Mr. Campbell is very sad. I haven't caught his latest album but enjoyed the one he did a few years ago and covered Jackson Brown's "These Days".

Meri said...

Those Paula Reds look interesting. They're a variety I haven't seen before. What's the flavor like?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

meri - raw they were fairly subdued - more so than the tart, crisp, type of apple i prefer when i want to eat an apple au natural ...but mixed with other apples they rocked in the pie!

Rubye Jack said...

Ahhh, an alluring awesome audacious apple pie!

Megan said...


Watson said...

That pie is so gorgeous mouse! Bet it tastes good too!

I love the colours and smells of apples...the ones that aren't sprayed and picked too soon then artificially ripened so they no longer have scent or nutritional value! Real apples! Perhaps even with a little worm inside!