Wednesday, September 7, 2011

g is for green

Movement is life. Moving pictures will satisfy something deep inside all the people in the world.

William Friese-Greene (7 september 1855 -1921)
photographer & pioneer in motion pictures

wall wednesday continues.

green is my favorite color - although i love all the glorious hues of green, i'm really drawn to kermit green - i wonder what the official color code and name is for kermit green? anyone know? one of my projects this fall is to paint couple of the walls in my studio kermit green.

according to the person who posted this vid on youtube, this is the first version of kermit the frog singing jim henson and joe raposo's great song bein' green on sesame street in 1969.

in the years since kermit first croaked out the refrain it's not easy being green the song has become an anthem of sorts for the environmental or green movement. despite one of the song's stanzas, we know that it is in fact is easy being green!

When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder why
Wonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful
And I think it's what I want to be

the list of artists who have covered bein' green is incredible - in addition to kermie, the list includes such musical notables as frank sinatra, van morrison, don henley, urbie green, della reese, and oscar the grouch - well maybe oscar isn't a musical notable, but he is a green muppet!

photo: williamsburgh neighborhood of brooklyn, june 2010


Unknown said...

Love this song! We used to do this in the Alice in Wonder Band! Good post :)

Gary said...

You simply can't resist Kermit can you? (not that you should). Green is my favorite color too.

Steve Reed said...

Hey, I know that wall! :)

I remember this clip of Kermit very well. Those were my Sesame Street-watching days, after all!

Alan Burnett said...

Not only is Kermit Green a fascinating colour, I find the name fascinating as well. It is not a name that is used at all in this country and until recently I had no idea that it was a fairly frequently used christian name in the States. I was reading a biography of Theodore Rooseveldt and discovered he had a son called Kermit and it took me some time to get the idea of a green frog out of my mind.

Watson said...

Looking forward to pictures of that studio!

I love the wall picture!

Anonymous said...

A great take on a great color. I've reached a point where I no longer consider one color my favorite, and I have come to embrace some colors (red, orange) that I hated in my youth. Odd as it may sound, until I was 35 or so my favorite colors were black and brown.

Ironically (or not) I recently posted entries about my currently white studio and history with the color red.

karen said...

Although i don't get to watch Sesame Street as much as I did when the kids were seems Kermit has fallen out of favor and Elmo seems to be the stand out now. I don't like red that much...I rather prefer green....wonder if there was any hidden agenda in the design of these cute muppets? I say bring back Kermit, and GO Green!
Green happens to my favorite color too.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

karen's remark about kermit being increasingly absent on sesame street had me curious, so i went to the portal and found out why. for other inquiring minds here's a bit of the history of kermit's relationship to the sesame street show:

Kermit was one of the original Muppet characters on Sesame Street. Though he was intended to be removed from the cast after the first season, he returned as a full-time character in the third, and remained a regular character for many years. Closely identified with the show, he often appeared as an easily frustrated lecturer, a straight man to the humorous antics of another Muppet, or a news reporter interviewing storybook characters for Sesame Street News. He most often interacted with Grover and, to a slightly lesser extent, Cookie Monster. The various songs he sang on Sesame Street tended to be meaningful in nature, most memorably his song "Bein' Green".

Following the death of Jim Henson, Kermit was used less frequently on Sesame Street, but still made new appearances until 2001. Unlike the rest of the show's Muppets, he was not created for the exclusive use of Sesame Workshop, and has rarely been a part of the show's merchandise. All Muppet characters originally belonged to the Jim Henson Company, but when the opportunity came for Sesame Workshop to buy its characters for $180 million, Kermit was not included in the deal.

The character now belongs to The Muppets Studio (owned and controlled by the Walt Disney Company). Sesame Workshop does have permission to use old sketches featuring Kermit, but such sketches are rarely used in new episodes. Kermit made his first new appearance since 2001 in the show's fortieth season premiere on November 10, 2009.

gary - resistance is futile - at least for me when it comes to all things kermit.

steve - YES it was one of the many marvelous finds on our street art safari last june! i hope i can get to london sometime so we can do another in your new hometown!

alan- one doesn't encounter many people named kermit any more - i think it's popularly has plummeted - sounds like something to research! there is a website that graphically displays the popularity of names over time in the u.s. - can't remember what it is off the top of my head, but i'm sure it's easy to find a la google!

daisy - hopefully the studio repainting project doesn't take as long as my last painting project took! this summer i painted the halls and stairway in the house - only after having the initial gallon of paint for the project for 2 or 3 years! then i had to introduce another color since the first color was bought so long ago....ha ha but i definitely like the two colors and had i done the job when i first thought of it the stairwell probably wouldn't be the wonderful turmeric color that it now is!!

junk - i am going to have one white wall in the studio - the wall where my 'design board' for quilts in progress is..... i too have come to like some colors that i never did before - like pink - i used to hate pink, now i find it fun..... but do admit green is a lifelong favorite....closely followed by purple! off to read your post on red!!

go color!!!