Friday, September 2, 2011

b is for bingo

As I lay me down to slumber,
All I need is one more number.
When to the next game I go,
I pray the Lord I yell….BINGO !

- anonymouse from a bingo player's prayer

each year at the yanoshik summer picnic we play bingo - it may seem a bit banal, but there's no better bridge to span the generations than playing bingo!

traditionally, one of the uncles would be the caller, but this generation has shrunk, those remaining just can't bellow like they used to. one must be able to bellow to be a bingo caller.

anyone who has ever been a bingo caller knows how easy to get carried away with the role, before you know it you are channeling some bizarre burlesque act. this year cousin chuck picked up the baton and he did a beautiful job.

did you know that bingo used to be called beano because beans were used to mark cards? the roots of the game go back to 1530 to the italian lottery game lo giuoco del lotto d'italia - which amazingly is still played every saturday in italy. over the centuries the game spread to other countries and continents. a version of the game arrived in north america in the early 1900s; in 1929 a bloke named edwin lowe was attending a carnival in georgia where beano was being played. someone accidentally called out bingo instead of beano. lowe was a businessman and saw the promise of beaucoup bucks with this new game. he hired carl leffler a columbia university math professor to expand the number combinations in cards; the game was renamed to bingo and well the rest is history! oh, by the way, apparently after helping lowe with bingo, leffler went bonkers! (to learn more about the history of bingo go here)

there's bingo and then there's bingo!

is a recent snap of ms. t's giving her little brother bingo a bear-hug. its been a while since i posted a snap of the little boy - isn't he getting big! in bingo banter bingo is now b-8 (months) - he'll b-9 later this month.

b is for bee. i have bees on the brain - tonight we're checking out a documentary on beekeeping, which will be showing at the cleveland museum of art. i'm besides myself, last week i saw the preview and it looks absolutely beautiful!

the first year i began the blogabet (2007) b was for bee. between 2007 and now, not much has changed for the bee -bees are still on the brink of extinction. but i'm buoyed into believing that maybe, just maybe, things are turning around for brother bee -- not only are more people are becoming beekeepers but people are also realizing that monoculture and over-reliance bug killing pesticides are threatening not only bees but our very existence. i believe this interest in beekeeping and sustainable agriculture will be just the type of behaviors needed to bring back the bees!

below trailer for queen of the sun: what are the bees telling us? (2010)

photos: top two - pennsylvania, july 2011; bottom two - bingo & ms t @ a local (coffee) bean house, 25 august; beehive on property of a local business on w. 65th street (note lake erie in the background) august 2011


Steve Reed said...

Awww, I love bingo, though I haven't played for years. The gay/lesbian community center in NYC used to have regular "drag queen bingo" that I always meant to attend, and never did. Bummer.

And bees! Something about our new apartment is a bee magnet -- they fly in through our balcony door all the time and I have to help them outside again! (Could be that big pot of lavender on the balcony...)

Megan said...

Bingo is adorable. But you knew that.

I had no idea the game wasn't always called bingo!

karen said...

I'm thrilled to learn that bingo has some roots in Italy...we're kind of all things Italian right now.
Bingo looks adorable with ms t.
Very encouraging news about the bees. Although I'm not quite there yet on having a box for them in my back yard. They are free to come by and stay as long as they like though.
Definitely want to see the documentary. Thanks for the preview.
Have a BEE utiful weekend. xo

Watson said...

What a lovely picture of Ms.T and baby! They are both so gorgeous.