Friday, August 19, 2011

name game

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.

Katharine Hepburn (1907 -2003)

how about a little fun for friday! don't worry i'm not going to start a new daily theme, but then again, fun fridays might be, well fun!

i just had to pass along this amusing riddle that my sil paula shared. the riddle is:

what nine letter word in the english language is still a word when eight letters are removed one by one?

can't come up with a nine letter word, don't feel bad, i couldn't either.

i expect puzzlemaster will shortz could come up with the word - knowing will, i bet he could come up with a few words that fit the bill! i wonder if he used this riddle on his weekend edition puzzle segment?

now here's the fun part, the answer is found in the following vid.

gotta have a song -- how about this fun song from childhood!

shirley ellis singing the name game - shirley wrote the song with lincoln chase; when it was released in 1964 it became an instant hit reaching #3 on the billboard hot 100 and #5 on the r&b charts.

according to the portal, here is the formula should you wish to play the name game:

Using the name Katie as an example, the song follows this pattern:

Katie, Katie, bo-batie,
Banana-fana fo-fatie

A verse can be created for any name, with X as the name and Y as the name without the first consonant sound (if it begins with a consonant), as follows:

(X), (X), bo-b (Y)
Banana-fana fo-f (Y)
Fee-fi-mo-m (Y)

If the name starts with a vowel or vowel sound, the "b" "f" or "m" is inserted in front of the name.

And if the name starts with a b, f, or m, that sound simply is not repeated. (For example: Billy becomes "Billy Billy bo-illy"; Fred becomes "banana fana fo-ana"; Marsha becomes "fee fi mo-arsha".)

Playing the game with names such as Alice, Dallas, Tucker, Chuck, Buck, Huck, Bart, Art, Marty, Mitch, Rich, Richie, Maggie, Ruby, or, in British English, Danny or Annie, results in profanity or rude language.

photo: the front porch chipmunk at casa mouse - not to be confused with the backyard chipmunks. all the chipmunks at casa mouse are terribly spoiled. i think this chippy was trying to get my attention letting me know that i haven't put out the day's treats! the photo's not bad considering it was snapped through the glass of the front door and the screen of the screened door! 19 august 2011


Watson said...

It's too early in the morning for me to digest all that word play! But I do love that chipmunk! And katharine is always one of my favourites! And she is correct, so.....

California Girl said...

I like "Fun Friday".

"Name Game" song takes me waaaay back.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

little did i know that the answer to the riddle would show on the vid - sorry to ruin it for those who may have actually tried to solve it!

daisy - she is sooooo cute.

cg - fun friday does have a nice ring!

Kate Hanley said...

I love the name game and hadn't realized it was an actual song. Love Will Shortz and always listen to the puzzle on NPR but I never seem to be able to solve them. Fun Friday! I like it.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, that chipmunk is adorable! How could you not spoil him with treats? :)

I agree that Fun Fridays would be fun!

Megan said...

Next time I see my niece & nephew we are totally going to play the name game. Thanks for the reminder!

Steve Reed said...

I remember one of my camp counselors -- or maybe a teacher -- played the name game with "Chuck" in front of a group of kids and regretted it immediately.

Meri said...

I wouldn't have solved it anyway. I was thinking that you had to take away the letters from the end, one at a time, rather than selectively removing them.

karen said...

Seems were both on a retro kick...ha...I love the name game.
Your chipmunk buddy is adorable.
Hope you're enjoying your Saturday.