Tuesday, August 2, 2011

here comes the sun

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

tattoo tuesday continues - the human adorned by today's body art is arabelle the founder of acenda yoga in lakewood. i can't believe i didn't capture arabelle's beautiful face in this snap - i was so focused on the art and listening to the story of the tats i flaked! the hand and forearm tats are inspired by arabelle's fondness for mehndi designs. in the past she would get traditional henna mehndi tattoos, but she was always sad when they would fade away, so she found a way around that problem and got inked!

the ankle tat represents aspects of arabelle's life. as i was reflecting on this design, i thought of this image - kinda of funny since arabelle is a yoga teacher!

Om Hram Mitraaya Namah Salutations to Mitra, the bestower of universal friendship
Om Hrim Ravaye Namah Salutations to Ravi, the bestower of radiance
Om Hrum Suryaaya Namah Salutations to Surya, the dispeller of darkness
Om Hraim Bhaanave Namah Salutations to Bhaanu, the shining principle
Om Hraum Khagaaya Namah Salutations to Khaga, the all-pervading
Om Hraha Pushne Namah Salutations to Pushan, the mystic fire
Om Hram Hiranyagarbhaaya Namah Salutations to Hiranyagarbha, the golden colored one (who brings healing)
Om Hrim Marichaye Namah Salutations to Marichi, the light
Om Hrum Aadityaya Namah Salutations to Aaditya (an aspect of Vishnu)
Om Hraim Savitre Namah Salutations to Savita (Savitri) the impeller
Om Hraum Arkaaya Namah Salutations to Arka, the remover of afflictions
Om Hraha Bhaaskaraaya Namah Salutations to Bhaskara, the cosmic brilliance
surya namaskar (sun salutation) chant courtesy of yiy

george harrison singing his wonderful song here comes the sun, accompanying george is a slew of other notable musicians - how many can you identify and name?

according to the caption this vid came from the second annual prince and trust concert - the prince's trust is a uk charity, which isn't without controversy according to the portal.

the first all star concert was held in 1986, so this vid was made in 1987 which is confirmed on george's wiki page.

this november will mark the 10th anniversary of george's death, ah george we miss you! a few years ago i fessed up that george is my favorite beatle - even tho' i respect and appreciate all the beatles, particularly john's work for peace, george still rules for me, guess there's just something in the way he moves me.....

photos: lakewood, july 2011


California Girl said...

Kimy, you'll enjoy this story about George Harrison. My husband, close friends of ours and I were dining at a nice restaurant in San Diego one night. It was my husband's birthday and about 18 years ago. In walk Deepak Chopra, Ravi Shankar and George Harrison. Linda, my GF & I, were flabbergasted. Chopra lives in La Jolla and everybody knew Harrison visited him there. We were so excited (and drunk) we bribed the waiter to get his hapkin when he was done eating. We did not approach them or anything as we didn't want to be intrusive but I kept the napkin. Dumb, but memorable.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

cg - what a great story. i have to hand it to you though that you guys were much better at self control than i would have been had i found myself in such close proximity to george (and ravi....and even deepak) i know myself all too well and given how much i am moved by george's life works i;m afraid i'd be going up, apologizing of course, but i'd feel compelled to gush thanks and see if i could get a hug!!!!

hope you have done something wonderful and creative with the napkin!

Watson said...

I like those tatoos, and most of all, the salutations. what a great way to start the day!

Reya Mellicker said...

Right before he died, I was compelled to listen to All Things Must Pass away. I listened to it for many days. Imagine my surprise when I learned he had died!

George!! You are one of the mighty dead now. Give us a boost up, would you? We're flopping around down here!!

Roy said...

I have the Concert for George DVD, the concert at the Royal Albert Hall put together by Eric Clapton and Jeff Lynne a year after George's passing. I always play it when I want to put my head in a better space; his music has a habit of doing that for people.

Betsy Brock said...

love this...the tats,...the tune...and caligirls story!