Tuesday, August 30, 2011


When I come up against the real world, I just vacillate.

Robert Crumb (30 august 1943) artist, illustrator & musician

tattoo tuesday continues.

today i'm going to hit you with a few snaps of knuckle tattoos. i'm fascinated by all body art, however, i'm really captivated with knuckle tattoos - i love running across messages people want to express to the world. folks can cover up most tattoos, but when it comes to the hands unless gloves are worn those tat messages are there for all to see....or would that be read!

my fascination with knuckle tats is not unique. a blogger named nathan set up a special blog just on knuckle tats - knuckletattoos.com. hands down nathan's site is a knuckle tat paradise....i had fun scrolling through the posts and reading the tats and the stories behind the messages. my main complaint about the nathan's little corner of cyberspace is that i wish he had a traditional archive on his sidebar. it would be nice to go back and pick up where i left off. it doesn't seem very easy to do that. nathan if you see this post, please add the the archive feature or state somewhere on the home page when the knuckle project began.

the vanishing tattoo discusses how hand tattoos are probably the demarcation line which separates the tattoo enthusiast from the truly hard core and define hard core as someone "not giving a damn about whether or not the world knew you were tattooed and to caring even less about what said world thought about it." if you read vt's linked discussion on hand tats you will also come across a list of their top ten knuckle tats which is quite interesting.

oh back to nathan's blog, if you check it out, make sure you don't miss the knuckle gun - where you can put in your eight letter message.

i bet patches and daisy* would like it if someone sported this -- surprisingly i didn't see this on vanishing tattoo's top ten list:

Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

* patches and daisy

jewel performing hands (1998) - i just love this song.... in the end only kindness matters.......

photos: all taken in august 2011. thanks t (top); josh (middle); and the guy whose name i forgot to get for letting me share your hands.


Lisa Ursu said...

I love that quote.
what an interesting post, thank you.
when I think of knuckle tattoos, I can't help but think of the Seinfeld epsisode when Uncle Leo
had the word "Jerry" tattooed on the fingers of his right hand and "Hello" on the fingers of his left hand.

karen said...

Great tattoos...I was thinking I don't have enough fingers to ink what's on my mind these days...but then you already know that. lol
Thanks for your comments at the garden...much appreciated.
Patches and Daisy are the hit for me...I'm a sucker for soft and furry.
I like the Crumb quote...and can relate.
And I'll take a trip over to knuckletats on my out. Thanks for the fun.