Monday, August 29, 2011

goodnight irene

We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.
John Locke (29 august 1632 - 1704) philosopher

here on the north coast we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend. however i was preoccupied by thoughts of hurricane irene which was bearing down on the east coast, this resulted in way too much time glued to the weather channel. is it just me or do others find the weather channel oddly addictive? geez, it's like television crack!

irene was a powerful storm, fortunately it didn't turn out to be as fierce and ferocious as initially predicted (early on there was talk of irene being a category 3 or 4 hurricane, in the end it was a category 1 storm) - there was plenty of damage done in the storms wake but fortunately it wasn't as bad as it might have been.

for irene preparedness was the watchword!

we are in the eye of the sixth anniversary one of deadliest and most devastating hurricanes in u.s. history - hurricane katrina. when it comes to katrina, we know that much of the death and devastation could have been avoided if before the storm 'the powers that be' would have heeded the advice of scientists who long warned about the vulnerability of the levee system and if after the storm, the agents of social control acted with in interest of the health and well-being of all people in mind.

goodnight irene was first recorded by lead belly in 1932, the following vid comes from a 1943 recording of this folk standard.

like most folk classics the origins of the song are fuzzy - lead belly was singing a version of the song as early as 1908 - he claimed he learned the song from his uncle. however, by the 1930s, lead belly made the song his own by modifying the melody and rewriting most of the lyrics.

the list of artists who have covered goodnight irene is staggering and includes folks as diverse as: the weavers, frank sinatra, johnny cash, kingston trio, raffi, and even the pogues!

photo: sky over casa mouse 28 august 2011


Rubye Jack said...

Lead Belly is great here.

It is so true how we tend to be like those we hang out with.
I agree with you about the weather channel in that it is addicting. I think it has to do with a curiosity about what it is like in other places away from home and how it lulls you into relaxation.

Anonymous said...

"Goodnight Irene" is one of those songs I've always known but have wondered who was the woman that inspired the writer to pay homage to her.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

lawanda - the quote seemed to also reflect one of my observations that mood and attitude are contagious.

i've now gone for almost 24 hours without turning on twc - whew, the binge was shortlived - at least until the next major storm decides to threaten some place where i have connections.....

ah junk - your move is complete!!

i think i'm way too set in my ways to switch from blogger to wordpress - or maybe it's just a case if it ain't broke, why fix it.... for my habits blogger still works.

but it does seem quite a few of my blogging buds have switched.

i did make a change of sorts when i streamlined my address to get rid of 'blogspot' which was enough change for this cycle!

i like the new look of junk thief and look forward to hearing how you like it.

off to update my blogroll to reflect your new address!!

Watson said...

I remember this song very well - can still sing all the words!

I wonder if we tend to be like those we hang out with, or do we hang out with those who are like us...have the same interests, etc. Could it be a bit of both?

From the news reports here, 21 people have died as a result of Irene. My thoughts are with their families.

Roy said...

Actually, Irene was far worse than predicted in unexpected areas - the extensive flooding far inland. Upstate NY and Vermont have been devastated by sudden walls of water in flash floods that have wiped out towns. And the flooding in inland NJ has been equally devastating. So much attention in the media was paid to the potential catastrophe for Manhattan, the center of their own particularly insular world, that they've paid little attention to the places where the hurricane was truly devastating.

karen said...

I found myself waking at 2 in the morning from a sound sleep just to turn on TWC. I know what you mean about addicting. I'm so glad it wasn't as bad as expected...but there is still quite a bit of damage. Roy is right about the coverage of inland flooding. I've seen a few blog photos around today to prove it.
There's rumor that another just like Irene in the same path is heading in again. Has anyone confirmed that?