Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wrecking ball

One must credit an hypothesis with all that has had to be discovered in order to demolish it.

Jean Rostand (1894-1977)historian and biologist

a different kind of wall wednesday, rather than focus on street art (albeit there is a bit), here are a few snaps i took last week while checking out the demolition scene at cleveland's old cold storage building.

the cold-storage building, officially known as the distribution terminal warehouse, is located in cleveland's tremont neighborhood and it's coming down to make way for a major road project - the construction of a interstate 90 bridge. as with most projects of this sort, the new bridge has had its share of controversies - everything from where the bridge should be located to what the bridge should look like.

however, although the cold storage building is historic by the fact that it was erected in the late 1920s, demolishing the building has not been very controversial. its original purpose has been made redundant (e.g., cleveland food terminus is located elsewhere and modern and individual household refrigeration has helped eliminate its need); the building hasn't been used for decades and today the building is little more than a huge concrete and steel cube that just blocks a good view of the city and act as a gigantic billboard.

from a recent newspaper article i learned that the steel and concrete rubble of the old building will be recycled and reused. all right!

with the exception of the insert photo, which i borrowed from here, the rest of the pictures were taken last thursday, july 7. i had the good fortune to speak with some of the men working on the demolition project - they report that its coming down much smoother and quicker than expected and anticipate that it will be completely down by the end of the month. because of the fragile ecosystem, which is the reason we need a new bridge to begin with, the building can't be blasted down - but taken down with wrecking balls and a battalion of humans and machines.

today's vid is wrecking ball, sung by emmylou harris, written by neil young - the video accompanying the song was shot by cinque lee of the ninth ward capturing the damage done by the natural disaster wrecking ball we know as hurricane katrina


Jain said...

Great images, haunting song.

California Girl said...

When watching scenes of demolition to long standing structures, I can't help but think of the people who built them, worked in them, stayed in them (like the Vegas hotels)and all the resources used to create them; all gone in one fell swoop or, several bashes of a wrecking ball.

Watson said...

glad the material is being reused. I presume the building was once a place for ice blocks like we used to have in our "ice box". The good old days!!! :-)

Alan Burnett said...

Another fine compilation. I must admit, had we made it to Cleveland, I would have been drawn to that demolition site. Never mind, having been allowed in the US once, I think they might let me in again.

pokey said...

Thx for posting Emmylou! I forgot how haunting and ethereal that song is. I really didn't pay attention to the video part because I am working on something else, but listened to the music several times. Good choice of music.