Tuesday, July 19, 2011

we are family

You know, sometimes, when they say you're ahead of your time, it's just a polite way of saying you have a real bad sense of timing.
George McGovern (b. 19 july 1922) historian, author, statesman

this weekend we traveled to northeastern pennsylvania for the annual yanoshik family picnic.

the weather was absolutely incredible and it was so great to see everyone - a good time was had by one and all. a few years ago the reunion moved from a public park to a cousins' home. she and her husband are farmers and live in a house smack dab in the middle of their farm. the top photo is a picture taken from the front porch.

the family reunion is scheduled around the time that f and i celebrate our respective birthdays. this year the reunion fell on f's birthday - and today is my birthday.

it is sweet how many family members remember our birthdays. cousin donna never forgets and i'm always amazed as to what thoughtful treasure she finds. this year she gave me a july 1955 national geographic that is in mint condition.

what really knocked my socks off about this gift is that the issue's lead article deals with tibet and focuses much on the dalai lama. the article is by heinrich harrer, the author of the 1952 book seven years in tibet (which in 1997 was made into a movie starring brad pitt as harrer). turns out that while harrer was in tibet (1944-1951) he became a friend and tutor for tenzin gyatso (the 14th and current dalai lama). checking out the portal's entry on harrer i saw a bit of birthday synchronicity - harrer and his holiness share a birthday - both were born on july 6th! but not a birth year - harrer was born in 1912 and hh was born in 1935.

inside the birthday card my mother gave me was this photo - i just love it! the photo was most likely taken when i was around 6 months old - which coincidentally is the age that baby bingo is now!

boy do times change - check out what bingo was doing on his 6 month birthday!

it is actually a bit hard to tell what bingo is doing - he's using his ma's ipad's drawing program - what amazed me is you could tell he knew what he was doing!

i mentioned that hh and hh share a july 6th birthday - another person whose birthday is july 6th is frida kahlo (b. 1907) - who i swear ms t, bingo's big sister, was channeling the other day!

sister sledge and their 1979 hit song we are family. coincidentally one of the sledge sisters is named kim and another one has a birthday in july!


Kate Hanley said...

What a lovely post and Happy Birthday! I love birthday coincidences. The neighborhood we moved into has a lot of adults of one family sharing birthdays with a kid of another. I love the photo of you at 6 months, times have changed a bit indeed!

California Girl said...

Awesome post, kimy. Happy Birthday to you and all. Great stuff today.

Roy said...

And yesterday was Nelson Mandela's birthday. July seems to be a month for exceptional births! Happy Birthday, Kim (I got you on Facebook, too).

Watson said...

Happy Birthday Kimy! I love the picture of you at 6 months! It looks like you had a great time and lots of good presents. July is a good month ... my birthday is also in July!

I remember this song from the movie "Birdcage". A wonderful film.

Jain said...

This is a perfect post.

Happy birthday, Kimy!

tut-tut said...

Happy returns, Mouse! That issue of Nat.Geo. is amazing. You never know what is being channeled, and when, do you?

karen said...

Happy birthday Kim!! Those are some cool coincidences. Along with wonderful photos of gifts and family. I get what you're saying about Bingo knowing exactly what he's doing on the iPad. The kids today are just drawn to electronics. Pretty amazing. The lovely ms t. probably has the ability to channel...since I hear babies born now are much different humans than we were. Ms t. is lovely btw...she has such depth of soul in her eyes. It really sounds like you're having a great summer. I thank you so much for sharing it with me. xo

Betsy Brock said...

Happy Birthday, Kim!!!

Wow..that National Geogrphic IS in mint condition! Amazing! What a perfect and thoughtful gift!

love the photo of little you, too!

Megan said...


What a view from a front porch. You just don't see that out here. As Tess likes to say, it "made my DNA tingle!"

Happy birthday my dear Kim and to F as well and oh ain't family reunions great?

Steve Reed said...

Love the Frida Kahlo photo -- and that national geographic sounds fascinating! I loved "Seven Years in Tibet."

37paddington said...

Ms T has style all her own. I love it. And baby Bingo looks like he knows just what he's doing with that light pad. its an amazing pic.

and you as a baby, i can see that baby in your face still. love.