Monday, June 27, 2011

tuning in

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.
Helen Keller (27 june 1880 - 1968)

i can't believe it has been over a week since i posted anything on the mouse.

summertime and the living is - BUSY! seems as though the time that i have carved out for being at the computer has mainly been eaten up by logging into facebook and keeping up with my scrabble games (which have not been going well, i've been routinely getting creamed - oh well, win or lose, its still fun to play - gotta keep that gray matter in the pink!).

in addition to my usual fb scrabble addiction, i've been playing another game of sorts on fb - a thirty day music challenge. megan's sister tagged me to play, i don't usually agree to such prolonged memes, but this one sounded fun. the music challenge involves coming up with a song a day to fit some category (for instance: a song that make you happy, or a song that reminds you of a certain event) - maybe when it's all over i'll put up the list on the mouse including my picks. only 3 more days to go!

i love summer in cleveland - its the season of festivals!

for me the season is kicked off with the annual bloomsday celebration. this year one of the fellows from the local joycean group decided that they should read as much of ulysses as possible! the gathering was once more held at nighttown; it started at 9 am and continued until midnight.

yeah, i took a few snaps while i was there.

this year instead of just being a spectator and documentarian, i decided to participate by reading a few pages from the book - which was quite thrilling. no one documented my turn up at the microphone, which is just as well as i wasn't wearing a hat. i didn't attend for the entire day - i got there around 10:30 and left at 3:30; enough time however to get some momentum going in terms of the book. i am confident that i'll have the entire book read by next year's bloomsday celebration!

from the sublime to the ridiculous - the next festival i attended was the annual duct tape festival. yeah, that's right - there is a duct tape festival up here - who'd of thunk it! turns out the world headquarters for the duck brand duct tape is in nearby avon, ohio.
i talked with a few of the folks i took pictures of and what amazed me about the duct tape festival is how passionate some folks are about duct tape! for instance, there was a girl attending the festival with her family, a couple years ago she wanted to be a roll of duct tape for halloween. well the family worked together and made a duct tape costume (you can see the girl in her duct tape costume in my flickr set from the duct tape festival) - i don't know what came first the costume or her alter-persona, she told me that her nickname among her friends is "ducky." a couple weeks ago the family moved from houston to a town outside columbus, ohio. the girl was elated to find out that the father was being transferred to ohio for after all, ohio is the home of duck tape. the mom told me that instead of unpacking they were attending the duct tape festival!

other serious duct tape fans included couple women i met who came to the festival from upstate new york. turns out that one of the women was celebrating her birthday that weekend and she choose to celebrate by coming to avon to attend the festival. they even made outfits out of duct tape as part of the birthday extravaganza!

wow, what can i say but quack. quack.

speaking of quack - a head's up about a children's book that ms t and i just discovered at the library. if you are a fan of ducks, mysteries, tongue twisters, wordplay and puns check out the web files by margie palatini.

much of the humor and even the rhythm of the text is an homage to the old tv show dragnet - so the book is great fun to read - and read aloud.

a brief except:

6:32 a.m.
This is the farm

My partner, Bill, and I were working the barnyard shift. It was peaceful. Quiet. Then we got the call.


"A lot of squawking going on down in the coop area, Ductective Web. Looks like fowl play. Report says feathers are flying. Chief says we shout check out the chicks."



"Let's fly."


that's it for now.... off to tune into the blogroll catch up a bit! not only have i not been posting, for the most part i've also been not keeping up with what's going on in the bloggyhood!

hopefully whatever has been going on hasn't rivaled the following:

photo: top photo - a sign that is no longer, tune inn bar, washington dc, 3 june 2011; duct tape costumes, avon 18 june 2011

by the way if you clicked the link to read the story about what happened to the legendary tune inn bar i hope you noticed the name of the detective connected with the case. detective webb! i ain't quacking!! (well detective webb is more connected with the tune inn than the actual case - i sure hope the fire at the tune inn wasn't a case of fowl play - or foul play for that matter!)


karen said...

Glad you're having a fun summer Kim...Thanks for bringing me along.

California Girl said...

duct tape, huh? welllll....

there is a blog called "Mouses Houses" in my blogroll on Empty Nest Evolution. She creates vignettes with dressed up mice (not real mice but they look kinda real) and she's put a book together. check it out.

Tom said...

summer can really beat a person down...too much fun to be had!

Mel said...

My summer is busy and flying by too. I would LOVE to go to a duct tape festival. My daughter would go nuts for the animal prints! She loves to make those tape flowers.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comments. Daughter's middle school was huge to me, over 1000 students 6th -8th grade, and the high school will have 2500. Yikes.
I'm a small town girl, it's hard to get used to the scale of things here. On the bright side, we have art festivals, music festivals, and tons of things to do!