Wednesday, June 1, 2011

some like it hot

Ever notice how 'What the hell' is always the right answer?

Marilyn Monroe (1 june 1926 - 1962) singer, actor, model

for today's wall wednesday experience i'm sharing another snap of the mysterious nyc moustache tagger - mouse readers may remember just a few weeks ago, I posted another subway advert artfully customized by mr (or ms) moustache.

it sure has been hot here on the north coast over the last few days, definitely not to my liking. however, i'm happy to report as of today some sweet cooler weather will be arriving. yesterday the high hit 90, but with the heat and humidity, accuweather gave it a 'realfeel of 99. yowser - what the hell, it was only may - okay, the last day of may, but still! according to the same source today the high is forecast for a reasonable 78. yeah!! tomorrow's forecast is even better with a predicted high of 72! after tomorrow i'm off on a wee wander to metro dc for some family business. accuweather's forecast shows the hellish weather pattern they've had will moderate some also. unfortunately by mid week next it will be back to being steamy and hot.

some like it hot but i'm not one of the some! unless, however, we're talking about poor norma jean.

poor sweet marilyn dead at 36, had she lived she would be celebrating her 85th birthday today. even though she has been much longer than she was alive, she will live forever - in memory and in myth.

here's a lovely tribute to marilyn by a fellow named jonathon (aka artboytn). i was looking for a clip from the 1959 film classic some like it hot, by billy wilder. the film features marilyn, tony curtis, and jack lemmon and according to "the portal" in 2000 the american film institute rated some like it hot as the greatest american film comedy of all time! wow, now that's hot!

oh, here's the trailer to the movie...they just don't make trailers like they used to, do they?


tony said...

Stay Cool!

California Girl said...

I love Marilyn. Such a wonderful actress. Underappreciated iin that area. I actually kept the LA Times front page headline of her death when it occurred. I was 10.

I did a piece on Jean Harlow a few weeks ago after re-reading a bio of her. She was adorable too.

Lisa Ursu said...

I love that pic! the bubbling caught my eye.
The quote is great, and what tony said, ditto!
Fantastic post.

Roy said...

Yeah, we hit 93ยบ yesterday with a relative humidity up in the 70 percentile range. Bleah! Luckily, that same front is moving through here later today, too. I look forward to the aftermath.

Watson said...

Brings back memories!

We are breaking records for wet and cold here. sigh!