Wednesday, June 15, 2011

between the wars

If you don't create change, change will create you.


now for something a little bit different for wall wednesday - a snap of a part of the berlin wall.

this section of the wall now resides in the kentuck knob sculpture meadow in pennsylvania. i really like the street scrawls that are on this segment of the wall - 'create' and 'totem power.'

i wonder how much this section of the wall cost? according to the kentuck knob website, there are two pieces of the wall residing in the meadow, courtesy of lord peter palumbo (who is the most recent owner of kentuck knob). this section was the only one i snapped a picture of although i do remember walking by the other piece of the wall, and truth be told i didn't realize its significance when i walked by it.

if this website is accurate there are sections of the wall still for sale. isn't capitalism incredible - don't you wonder who is profiting from this symbolic collapse of communism. i wonder, but then again, i am a most curious mouse.

billy's 1985 song between the wars.


Watson said...

Brings back memories kimy! And a question: "What enslaves us today???"

California Girl said...

this is the third or fourth post I've read today about change in one form or another. something in the air?

Gary said...

I have pieces of the wall in little plastic bags. When I visited Berlin in 1990 they let us hammer away and take what we wanted. They were also selling chucks of it on the street. It was the best souvenir to bring back; cheap, light and everyone was SO impressed and thrilled to get it.

karen said...

Ironic...I posted about change today too. There must be something in the air because I picked it up from a fellow blogger in the UK. Globally we are reading each other...and we all seem to be thinking change. Maybe this will be the time we can make it happen. Let's just hope for all positive change without having to live through tragedy to realize it.

Meri said...

There's a piece of the wall in the Microsoft art collection.

I saw it on a tour.