Tuesday, May 3, 2011

trouble me

What kind of nation and what kind of species do we want to be? Do we want to become a species that honors life? Do we want to become a species that embodies peace? If that is what we want, then we need to start now to examine our own hearts and actions, and begin to consciously evolve in that direction. We could start by not celebrating the killing of another.

monday night I returned to cleveland after spending a long weekend in metro dc. visiting in early may is an annual tradition as to join in the celebration of my mother's may 1 birthday. may is always such a beautiful time to visit the area; spring is so much further along in the washington dc area than here - - all the trees were decked out and the flowers - so gorgeous! much of what was in bloom we won't see in cleveland until late may or even june.

although I spent most of my time with family, I did manage to do a little museum hopping the first day I arrived. I also got in a good walk around the capitol hill neighborhood before on monday afternoon before heading out for the bwi airport - didn't have time to set up any bloggy meet-ups, but did cross my fingers I'd run into reya as I was literally in her hood! I definitely needed to walk off some of the extra calories I always consume when I'm home - hard to resist the temptations from being around all those gourmet cooks - mother, sister and sister-in-law!

I wanted to make sure I got to the folger shakespeare library before the exhibition on women's early contribution to medicine and science left (it leaves may 14th). fascinating display featuring old manuscripts and recipe books and various artifacts which showcase the vital role women played in healing. I had no idea that snail water was a seventeenth century cure for consumption and jaundice (by the way, the recipe for snail water is very elaborate as it takes two days to make and yes it does entail sacrificing many snails and earthworms, not to mention the use of all sorts of medicinal herbs!) and did you know mole blood was an early treatment for baldness? geez, I wonder who discovered or thought of the blood of those tiny rodents would stimulate hair growth!

after the folger library, I checked out the gauguin exhibit at the national gallery of art - the exhibit is titled gauguin: maker of myth - and that he was!

I left dc on monday, the day after the action in pakistan where osama bin laden was killed - being in dc the day after was a bit surreal. it isn't surprising that bin laden didn't surrender, but I sure wish he had. well the death of bin laden quickly eclipsed all the media attention that had been directed to the tornadoes in the southern u.s. and the wedding of kate and william.

natalie merchant and 10,000 maniacs' trouble me (1989)

photos: capitol dome; roses; banner in front of folger library - photos taken april 28- may 2 2011


Alan Burnett said...

I am sure that both exhibitions were fascinating : but Gauguin would beat mole blood and snail water for me.

Betsy Brock said...

That is a beautiful photo of the capitol. Maybe a celebration of the lives potentially saved would be appropriate? And justice served, certainly.

Roy said...

Hmmmm... I prefer my snails with garlic and butter, thank you! And it's always great to hear Natalie Merchant.

California Girl said...

I lived in Richmond & worked the DC market for 8 years and never made it to the Folger. And I'm an English Lit major!!! Someday...

I do miss Spring in the South. It is the most beautiful of any Spring anywhere because of the weather, the humdity, the abundance. Lovely rose bush capture..

Kate Hanley said...

You've made me miss DC and it's great theater and arts. I have to check out how long the Gaughin exhibit is going on, I may be able to make it down there for it. I just love him.