Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the power

A good indignation brings out all one's powers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (25 May 1803 -1882) philosopher, essayist & poet

it's wednesday that means wall power!

late this afternoon some powerful weather worked it's way through my area...since f is out of town i have use of his vehicle. so, after baby bingo left i decided to take advantage of having wheels and run some errands to places that are too far (or for items too heavy) for my normal modes of transport (e.g. feet, rta, stroller, or bike). the weather didn't look very threatening when i left the house. however, after i left my first stop, i noticed the sky was starting to look somewhat 'off.' by the time i pulled into the target parking lot, things when beyond 'off' to downright strange and verythreatening. the wind began whipping the small trees in the parking lot around and then rain started. i made a mad dash from the truck to the store.

once inside the store i was greeted by an announcement over the p.a. system telling shoppers that the national weather service has issued a tornado warning or something or another for the area. we were advised to move away from the windows and to move to the center or back of the store. we were told not to leave the store until the we received the all clear.

it was very strange to be in a giant store with so many strangers, many exhibiting signs of growing anxiety as the big box store was plummeted with hail and subjected to some powerful winds that made quite a racket. needless to say, my plan to run in and out and then move on to the next errand stop didn't really pan out. i remained in target much longer than expected, and i ended up picking up a couple items that were not on my list. long story short, no big drama and for my little patch of the universe all ended well - and although i spent more at target than intended, i did pick up a really sweet, very soft summer pj set!

oh, what an intense spring in terms for storms - very heartbreaking and humbling. continuing to offer thoughts and prayers for all the denizens of joplin -- and for all the folks who's lives, homes, and world have been ripped apart in what is turning out to be the year of the tornado!

snap! first released the power in 1990, since then it has gone become a power in of itself!

song makes you want to dance....that and watch some hoops!

photo: washington heights, nyc june 2010


Watson said...

I hope you are safe Kimy. These storms are disasterous. Take care.

Alan Burnett said...

Oh do try and get your weather sorted out over there by the week after next.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

daisy - taking care! thanks

alan - i'll see what i can do. my f is heading home today from japan, i had an email waiting for me this morning from him when he was at the airport...he said there is a typhoon in the philippines which he hopes won't mess up his travel plans....since he sent that at 2:30 am my time and i haven't heard otherwise, i expect he's well up in the air somewhere.

the weather patterns EVERYWHERE seem to have really intensified.... not surprising though given global climate change!

wishing for you smooth seas for when you sail over to this side of the pond!