Sunday, April 10, 2011

v is for viaduct

Why a duck? Why-a no chicken?
from The Cocoanuts (1929)

this voyage through the alphabet sure is taking a very, long time! the end is finally becoming visible.

chico and groucho play out the viaduct scene. according to the portal, the cocoanuts was the first feature length marx brothers film - given this variable it is very odd that the film is not on the national film registry.

photo: one of the many viaducts (aka bridges) in the rocky river valley, 9 april 2011


Watson said...

I think the curves and arches are so fascinating ... even if it is a viachicken! Some of the other videos are also good for a belly laugh!!! :-D

Gary said...

I love silly word play.

Betty Carlson said...

And I love viaducts! We live only 45 minutes away from the famed Millau Viaduct -- do you know about it?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

betty - i didn't know about it until know - WOW, just googled it and what an amazing structure! although i think i might get a little scared if i ever had to drive across it! i have gotten a little freaked on the bridge on 480 that spans the cuyahoga valley when the weather is really fierce and it's not nearly has high as millau! those pylons are truly amazing.

thanks for the head's up I love learning new things!!