Sunday, March 13, 2011

h is for holy

Silk Screen

I see, in my dream
an ancient silk screen:
a budda seated
by a scrub pine,
with a pile of cones.

The inscription:
"For a thousand years
I have sought enlightenment.
All that has resulted
is this little brown cluster of cones.

Even that is getting smaller."

Br. Paul Quenon (b. 1940) monk, poet, photographer

earlier this month I went to hear a talk by a holy man -- I haven't a clue as to whether brother paul would agree with my characterization that he is a holy man - he'd probably say he is just a man and working on something like the holy.

I heard of brother paul's talk from the local npr station, they hawked his talk stating he had studied under thomas merton. just the hook I needed.

I am so happy I happened by; brother paul's talk was healing, hopeful, humorous, and holy.

hail, hail, a holy voice (june tabor) in a harmonic holy house - recorded in may 2008 for bbc 4 - june's songs in this vid come primarily from her 2003 album an echo of hooves.

photo: brother paul, balwin wallace college, 3 march 2011


Watson said...

Wish I could have been there mouse! sorry about the video.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

daisy & barbara - can't believe they took the video down it was sooooo good! if you don't know june tabor check her out....she'll make your heart soar.

i wish you were at brother paul's talk too, it was wonderful.