Monday, February 7, 2011

times like these

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

Charles Dickens (7 february 1812 - 1870) writer

february has gotten off to a festive start! the month started off with st. brigid's day (aka imbolc) and was immediately followed by the chinese new year - but february fun was cranked up this weekend with the arrival of friends who thought visiting cleveland in snowy february sounded like a good idea.

well, they were right it was!! there's nothing like out of town friends to bring everyone together. this weekend we saw local friends we haven't seen in three, six, and even nine months!

the friends visiting used to live in cleveland and are now in north carolina. one could wonder what would possess folks from sunny, warm north carolina to drive all the way to cleveland in february, but friendship trumps weather any day!

friday evening f and I met up with the group having dinner at #1 pho - our out-of-town friends favorite local restaurant and coincidentally one of our own as well. isn't it funny how many of us just have to eat at familiar and favorite haunts when we return to places we once lived!

saturday night we hosted one of our traditional potluck gatherings; despite an unexpected snowstorm, which majorly messed up the roads we had a full house. once again proving friendship trumps weather!

the kids spent most of the party on the third floor where there were plenty of toys, books and of course each other to play with - with minimal adult interference. they were most gracious to take a break from playing and pose for a group snap! man, these kids make my heart swell!

a couple hours later I took another snap, now the only children missing were the two babies who needed to remain downstairs near parental units.

sunday evening other friends hosted a superbowl party - although I am pretty much the opposite of a football fan, friendship trumps my indifference to the game any day!

when our north carolina friends lived here they often hosted a superbowl party - they hosted a party at their house in 2004 - the year of the infamous wardrobe malfunction incident and the last time I remember much about a superbowl.

as usual I watched little of the game, but I did try to catch the commercials - what a mix -I'd classify them as the good, the bad, and the ugly!

of the ones I saw, the ones that I liked best (in no particular order) were:
  • an ad for doritos that featured a pug and a sliding door
  • the vw ad with the kid dressed up as darth vadar
  • the bud light ad which was heavy on the dogs (and featured a scene with dogs playing poker) and even included a shot of the famous clydesdale horses
  • and the lovesong to detroit - but was really an ad for chrysler
there were a couple ads I thought were pretty offensive - in particular the pepsi ad with the couple on the park bench -- I have nothing against slapstick,but that ad crossed the line into other terrain.

foo fighters performing an acoustic version of times like these

this just in: of course in these times there would be a site where one can watch all the commercials from last nights super bowl. didn't see the doritos "house-sitting" commercial till this afternoon, if I had caught it last night it too would have made my top picks.

well, looks like my favs are also the favorites of the masses. hmmmm....jeez and I thought I was unique.


37paddington said...

you are unique dear mouse, and the faces of those children are divine. it sounds as if a wonderful time was had, there is such lightness and joy in this post. lovely to be here.

Betsy Brock said...

Love that quote at the beginning. :)

Lovely pics of kids...and you...:)

Gary said...

I love that you quoted Dickens.

I went to a Superbowl party too and like you I am not a fan. But, the party was fun and I almost won some money.

Watson said...

Beginning quote touches deep, mouse. thanks.

I think the weather in North Carolina was pretty bad too! Good time to cuddle together and enjoy friends.

karen said...

I have to agree with are unique mouse. The gang looks like they had a great time. I think these are the best of times...
Superbowl...schmooperbowl...I with you on that one. Great pictures...enjoyed!

Nan said...

What a special, wonderful time. Those kids are adorable. To say nothing of the squirrel! Do you know that until this year I never knew to buy peanuts for them? I was in a checkout lane at the supermarket when a woman started talking about how much they like them. Well, duh! So now we get these giant bags and make 'our' four squirrels very happy. I think the bluejays like 'em too.

Alan Burnett said...

We don't seem to have Cup Final parties over here which is a bit of a shame. That first photograph is superb.

Betty said...

I slept through the superbowl - I guess I have an excuse, being the other side of the atlantic :)

Those pics are so joyful, Kim. What a fab bunch of kids.

And then the Foos ... Has to be my favourite post of the week!