Saturday, February 19, 2011

new york city

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.

Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) writer

the mouse is on a wander. first stop is new york city - I love new york! got in thursday evening after a longer than usual train ride - two hours longer than normal to be exact. ah, if only amtrak ran as fast and smoothly as the trains in europe and japan, but I didn't have any plans for thursday night nor did I have a shortage of reading material so no worries.

what a gift to have a huge chunk of time to just be - read, look out the window, think, converse with others if one wants, whatever.

I read two wonderful novels on the ride, both were written by new york based writer paul auster. auster is a well-established and renown author, but totally new to me. last week I picked up his book the brooklyn follies while I was at the library, my interest was piqued the moment I read the blurb on the back, and was so swept away by auster's style and voice, I had to read more. so before leaving cleveland, I ran to the library and traded in brooklyn follies for two more auster books - timbuktu and oracle night. I highly recommend all three books. but if you want a small book that is sweet and serious and will touch your heart in all sorts of surprising ways , timbuktu is a must read. technically timbuktu is probably a novella (only 180 magic filled pages of prose) and the other book is not much longer. after checking out auster on the portal I discovered I was familiar with his work, he wrote the screenplay and co-directed one of my all time favorite films smoke (1995) .

yesterday, my first full day in new york, was absolutely perfect - that is if one considers 60 degree temperatures, blue skies and streets filled with smiling, happy people perfection. a friend from connecticut came in to spend the day and hanging out with a friend of almost thirty years only added to the perfection of the day. we had a relaxing day wandering about and catching up - nancy came to see me, and we had the shared goal to visit the rubin, but it was hard to stop wandering the streets, soaking it all in and go inside. sometime after 4 we finally did. on fridays the museum is open until 10 p.m. so we didn't feel too much pressure. thanks nancy for spending your day off with me.

willow, if you are reading this post, I want you to know that since we were in the neighborhood, we walked by edna's old flat - affectionately known as the narrowest house - and gave the house (and any lingering essence of edna) your regards. and oh yes, I snapped a picture for you just in case you have a st. edna altar!

with this post concluded, the mouse is now on holiday! I'll be back the beginning of march - until then take care, be kind, and have fun!! namaste!

john and yoko with their ode to new york city, entitled new york city

photos: both new york city. top, june 2010, dancing rats, 18 february 2011 (pic taken with cellphone)


K. said...

Brooklyn Follies is a wonderful book. I got my copy in a Park Slope book store -- the same area where the New York part of the narrative occurs.

I'm goin' to New York City...

Gary said...

Amtrak and NJ Transit are a mess! I commute from NJ to NY every day and there is always some problem.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Hopefully the day will be bright and sunny.

Tess Kincaid said...

I do need a snap for my Edna alter! Her birthday is tomorrow, you know. I'm so envious. I'm sure her essence still permeates the little narrow house. Enjoy NY. My daughter lives in Manhattan, but she happens to be in Hong Kong at the moment.

tony said...

Paul Auster's early New York stuff is just brilliant! As is New York Itself.
Oh.and if you need a new excuse to visit the city again, my favourite band ,British Sea Power, play there 3 times soon...i.e.
Mon 21 Mar -Hoboken, NJ, Maxwells
Tue 22 Mar -Brooklyn, NY,Music Hall of Williamsburg
Thu 21 Apr - New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom

Reya Mellicker said...

Fantastic street art. And I love me my John Lennon no matter where he's performing.