Saturday, February 12, 2011

lose yourself

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

Abraham Lincoln (12 february 1809 - 1965)

back from my whirlwind wander to motor city - it might not look quite as shiny as the wonderful ode to detroit that many of us saw in last week's superbowl commercial, it is still a great city, a wonderful place to visit and a place with much beauty - especially the people who were so warm and friendly.

the weather was most cooperative for my little sojourn - yes, it was bit cold and gray yesterday, but brother wind was well behaved and there was no precipitation - not that the weather mattered once we got there we spent most of the day inside the detroit institute of arts. it's been a few years since I've visited the museum and WOW did they ever do a nice job on the expansion and renovation project.

more on my trip to detroit - and more photos later - as expected there are plenty of those. maybe I'll put together a couple slide shows - one on the diego murals and another on the what turned out to be today's main attraction - detroit's eastern market historical district. the eastern market is amazing - huge and very historic! one thing I read said it's the oldest continuously run farmers' market in the united states. it opened in 1841 and moved to it's present location in the 185os. the market is in the midst of a major renovation project and the work they've done so far is wonderful. I talked with a few folks who operate stands - one fellow (a beekeeper who was selling his honey) said that his family has been selling produce at the eastern market since the 1890s!!! and the stand he's sells out of now has been in the family for over sixty years!

okay, more later. gotta run. sshhhhhh we be off to a surprise 60th birthday party and have to get there before the birthday boy!

speaking of birthdays today is the birthday of two incredible individuals - abe lincoln and charles darwin who not only share the same birthday but the same birth year. I couldn't decide on only one so a little mouse medicine from both!

am getting started with building back the blogroll, I expect it will take a while - thanks for your patience!

Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.
Charles Darwin ( 12 february 1809-1882)

if you missed it here's the above reference commercial which features eminem's infectious and driving song lose yourself.

photos: top - heading to detroit detail of a very cool bridge; middle pics - the dia; bottom pic - view of the cool bridge on the way back home to cleveland (the bridge by the way is actually still in ohio, north of toledo, on I-75; my friend anne was driving so no worries about me driving and snapping!)


Randy Noseworthy said...

LOL, Loose one's self... Just don't follow directions from a loony trucker.. Glad you made it in and out and back from Detroit. I've gone over that bridge a few times. Can't ever get a good picture from an 18 wheeler.

I did play around with the blog roll Widget we both like to use. It will allow you to pick blogs that you either follow here on Blogger, or have added to your RSS feed in Google reader. - Did that sound to geeky? IF so, I'd be happy to write up a how to over on

Alan Burnett said...

The bridge detail is wonderful and please plenty more pictures. Slide shows are OK but I do like to linger over individual images and soak up all they have to offer.

Betty said...

Love that bridge (love bridges in general!)
I like the quotes - Darwin's is oh so true.
The more we know, the more we realise we know so little.

Roy said...

That first shot is fantastic, Kim! Welcome back from your wanderings.

karen said...

Great blue gray photos of Michigan. Cant wait to see the art museum photos. Glad you good travel weather and are home safe and sound.