Thursday, December 16, 2010

teach your children

The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today.
Margaret Mead (16 December 1901 – 1978)

it is simply quite wondrous to be around a young child as she's learning to read. ms t hasn't mastered this shel silverstein book (yet) but she has so many of the poems memorized one might be fooled.

ms t will soon will have the opportunity to start reading to her very own baby brother instead of her favorite stuffed rabbit. baby bingo, as ms t has named her bro, is expected any day now. I mentioned to ms t's mama that I hope bingo would be born today- december 16th is one of my absolute favorite dates. it is the birthday of margaret mead, a mega hero of mine, it is also the birthday of jane austen, and my sister-in-law ann, and the son of a dear lifelong friend don -- not to mention the anniversary of other significant events in my life!

ms t's mom just called and said that there's no sign that today will be the day so, it's all clear if f and I wish to go out for dinner. sounds like a plan!

since it doesn't look like bingo will be born on the 16th, now I'm pulling for the 21 (the solstice) but his mama is hoping she'll be pushing earlier than that!!

photo: ms t, casa mouse 14 december 2010


Meri said...

As I recall, it's also Beethoven's birthday.

37paddington said...

how wonderful that ms. t will soon have a bingo brother!

I remember loving to read Shel Silverstein to my children, and how they loved the whimsy and rhythm of his poems too. And then when my kids got older, I understood The Giving Tree in a whole new way.

Sweet memories. You are making lovely ones with ms. t.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and happy day! Ali

Watson said...

Lovely photo of a lovely girl! Post made me smile, mouse!

Roy said...

And a happy anniversary to you and F! Love the CS&Y.

Megan said...

Being a big sister is totally the best. Best wishes to Ms T's mom for a safe and happy delivery!

Alan Burnett said...

It was H G Wells who said that history is a race between education and catastrophe, he could just as well have used the word reading for education. Happy 16th December.