Wednesday, December 1, 2010

lovely day

Each person must live their life as a model for others.
Rosa Parks (1913 -2005) activist

today is the 55th anniversary of when a hard working seamstress named rosa parks refused to give up her seat so a white person could sit down on the bus in montgomery alabama. rosa was arrested and her act of civil disobedience sparked the montgomery bus boycott and rosa's action is considered a seminal event in the national civil rights movement.

today is also world aids day - a day to take a moment to reflect and think about this continuing crises that we face as a world community. although the situation has improved in some countries - in many parts of the globe and among many marginalized groups, aids is still a death sentence and is still out of control.

in downtown cleveland this afternoon I saw a bus with world aids day mentioned in the repeating script of the front l.e.d. display. an odd union of sorts of two events/ things to be mindful of on december 1.

elizabeth mitchell covers lovely day on her new album sunny day. I can't seem get enough of elizabeth's version - it makes be feel so good! if you like to give a gift of music, I highly recommend mitchell's new cd - especially if there are children you like to give presents to (this evening is the start of hanukkah -coincidentally) - however, her cd is suitable for music lovers of all ages!

the song is vaguely familiar, but its really nothing more than a small blip on the my musical radar. according to the portal the song was quite popular in 1977 (peaking at #6 on the r&b charts in the states and making it into the top ten of the british pop charts). written by bill withers and skip scarborough the song has been covered by a number of artists and another version of the song was even used in the 1992 movie the bodyguard - a film I've never seen. the following is wither's own from a best of album released in 2005.

photo: wall wednesday continues. many street artists contributed to this busy wall in olympia washington.


Betsy Brock said...

so brave...55 years ago!

K. said...

Sounds like I had better check out Elizabeth Mitchell. I think the Neville Bros. have song about Rosa Parks.

Alan Burnett said...

In 1997 the BBC used Perfect Day as the basis for a promotional video about its various music TV and radio channels. It featured a host of singers and musicians ranging from pop to classical and was incredibly popular. The single of the video was later released as a charity single.

karen said...

Hey mouse,

Miss your daily posts...hope you're feeling okay.

37paddington said...

Hi mouse, Rosa Parks was a great lady and so worthy of your remembrance. And that is a very beautiful painted wall.