Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy solstice!

i am singing the cold rain
i am singing the winter dawn
i am turning in the gray morning
of my life
toward home

ni hoi nim ni hon ido mi moo
ni hoi nim ni hon e inif
ni hoi das i woi nu
na wodstan ni hi vist
na dutz na ho utz

Lance Henson (b. 1944), poet
I Am Singing the Cold Rain from
Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry (1988)

happy solstice all! and such cosmic happenings this solstice! not only do we have a full moon but there was a total lunar eclipse early this morning! last time this happened was in 1638. there's not such a long wait until the next time this happens - in 2097 there will be another solstice full moon and total lunar eclipse. it is possible that there will be many, many people alive today who will experience this rare event twice in their lifetime! unfortunately, baby bingo won't be one of them; we are still waiting for his arrival! he still has time to come for the solstice, but alas, he has missed the 2010 solstice eclipse.

here on the north coast we were totally socked in with clouds at the time the eclipse was happening. the moon, or maybe my bladder, woke me up at the time this celestial phenomena was taking place. I looked out various windows, saw that I could see nothing because of the cloud cover, visited the wc, then went back to the sack. fortunately we live in ab era where there are plenty of ways to experience the event vicariously!

snow, poem written by archibald lampman (1861-1899), musical adaptation and performance by loreena mckennitt, available on to drive the cold winter away (1987), a winter garden (1995) and a midwinter night's dream (2008). vid created by megansspark.

photo: nature's santa caps, lakewood. december 2010


Roy said...

Glad Yule! Nice solstice post! I just posted mine.

Baby Bingo still has a shot at being at least a "solstice celebration" baby. Traditionally the northern European solstice celebrations stretched out to a week or more; Christianity didn't pull that "12 Days of Christmas" out of a hat, it's a long tradition going farther back than that.

Watson said...

We were covered in cloud too Mouse, good thing there is tv reruns!